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If we can't find heaven, I'll walk through Hell with you.

Zombie Apocalypse and romance? Say no more.

Y/N, Kirishima, and Bakugou find themselves amid a zombie outbreak thanks to a very powerful quirk. With the world gone to hell and society crumbling around them, will they finally let their true feelings show? And what the hell does love and romance look like in the middle of the world ending?

Bakugou x Reader x Kirishima - Aged Up - Dual Timeline - Pro Hero AU - Poly Ship - Y/N has a quirk


Hero name: Seeker. Essentially, Y/N is a mind reader. She can read thoughts, but what she is able to get from a person is heavily dependent on how "strong" their mind is. Some she has to physically touch to read their minds. Others' thoughts can be heard by her from several feet away. Sometimes there are no words from people's thoughts, but she gets feelings, emotions, and, on rare occasions, pain. She can become overwhelmed if she isn't careful. Intruding thoughts are something that she has to deal with as well, but she usually gets a warning via a body sensation that I describe in the story as "marching ants" or the feeling of a limb falling asleep. Music helps her with keeping control of her quirk. I go into more detail in Chapter 1 if you would like to learn more about her quirk and how it works.


All characters are aged up 25+ and loosely based on their respective characters. Bakugou is pretty soft in this (sorry!), but it's mostly for Reader and Kirishima. Don't worry; he's still loud as hell and an asshole to everyone else. I subscribe to the fact that Kirishima is a 7 foot tall, huge man. Bakugou is definitely a large man as well. Don't worry about them being able to lift you and throw you around like a ragdoll. They can handle it. I will also try to put warnings before each chapter, but I may miss things so please see the list below as some general things to be aware of.


Y/N is described as short(er than the boys which isn't hard considering how huge these men are) and chubby with female anatomy. She/Her pronouns are used as well as fem nicknames like babygirl, etc.Character death(s) - It's a zombie apocalypse, people are gonna die.ViolenceGorePraise KinkRough Sex/Oral Sex/Anal Sex/Unprotected Sex


There is a playlist on Spotify. Just search meggsngrits or Gone to Hell if you'd like to listen to the songs that go with each section.

Please take care of yourself! While this is basically smut with a plot, there will be some heavy topics discussed like death, suicide, etc.

Please take care of yourself! While this is basically smut with a plot, there will be some heavy topics discussed like death, suicide, etc

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