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"Oi..." Bakugou whispers loudly. He has turned over in his sleeping bag and is squinting at you both. "Did you two dumbasses make up yet?"

Kirishima gives him a thumbs up. "All good."

Bakugou slides out of his sleeping bag and quietly walks over to you. He crouches down in front of you and Kirishima, his bare feet balancing him. He keeps his voice low as he says "Don't ever do that shit again, Kirishima." You know Bakugou means business when he uses someone's actual name. His eyes seem to almost glow as he continues to lecture the redhead. "We don't care how much you don't want her getting hurt. She can handle it. We trained her after all. Both of us have your back."

Heat blossoms in your belly from Bakugou's confidence in you. He doesn't give out praise like that often, and you know he truly means it. His eyes slide over to you for a moment before they zero back in on Kirishima.

Kirishima gives him the same toothy smile he gave you. "Aw, you really do care."

Bakugou rolls his eyes and clicks his tongue against his teeth. "Tch. We both care. Idiot." He stands back up and shuffles over to the table to look at the rations for the day. Lecture over. Whatever tension that was left over from the day before finally dissipates. Thank fuck.

"What's the plan today?" You ask as you stand up and dust off the back of your jeans. Kirishima joins you after one last glance outside. You both walk towards the table where Bakugou has created three "breakfasts" from the pre-packaged foods from the gas station.

Bakugou hands you your share before answering you. "We're moving from this base today. Thanks to a certain dumbass," He pointedly looks at Kirishima before handing him his breakfast, "we have attracted too much attention to this spot. I mean, fuck, we can barely talk above a whisper here. So we're going to keep heading towards the radio tower, and we'll find a spot to make a base before dark."

"Sounds like a plan." Kirishima replies as he tears into a granola bar. Between bites he asks "Do you really think we'll be able to contact Deku through the radio tower?" Bakugou just nods as he eats as well. You can tell he's getting tired of Kirishima's lack of faith in getting to the radio tower.

Less than a week ago, the All-for-One Pro Hero put out a broadcast to call everyone to a place in the city. He apparently had some sort of plan, but he wanted to gather as many survivors as possible. He left a special message for Bakugou...

"Kacchan, if you can hear this, I need you. Please get here as fast as you can."

So now your mission is to reach this radio tower to hopefully get a hold of Deku. Unfortunately, the broadcast stopped after a few days so there was no way to know where he had moved locations... or if he was still alive at this point. You'd never say it outloud, but you knew Kirishima and Bakugou had the same thought.

You unwrap your own granola bar and eat it slowly. You chase it with a little bit of water from your reusable bottle. The water supply is running low so you make a mental note to look for fresh water on the way to the next rest spot. Once you finish eating, you begin packing away your things: a change of clothes, sleeping bag, batteries, a portable charger, one of three walkie-talkies, your share of the rations from yesterday, and finally, the small compact radio that you all had heard the first transmission from Midoriya on.

Almost every night, last night being an exception because of obvious reasons, Bakugou turned on the radio, flipped through stations, and listened for Midoriya's voice. You all hoped that one night, he'd re-appear and give you his new location, and maybe even a message for Bakugou, but for the past few nights, it's been radio silent.

As if on auto-pilot, everyone gets dressed and packs their things. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, you all had become numb to everything on the outside. Being together in a somewhat safe space like this apartment lets you feel a little normal. As soon as it was time to venture back outside though, it was easier to dissociate and focus on the task at hand.

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