Chapter 23: Like Cat and Mouse

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Everyone kept staring at me, well, not everyone just the juniors and seniors, a few braver ones asked why I'd been away from school. I suspected that they thought I'd either been taken to rehab or gotten knocked up of something. All they got was a raised eyebrow from me and they backed off, smart.

I knew that I'd be called to Stanley's office, it was just a matter of time but luckily for me, it wasn't at lunch. Reed and I were sat a little further away from everyone else, fooling around when Jade came over and sat with us.

"Hey guys." she said in that cheery voice of hers.

Reed stopped trying to nibble my ear "Oh, hey Jade."

I rolled my eyes, giving her a look that displayed how much I disliked her intrusion. I was sure it was more of a sneer but she didn't notice it because she was busy staring at Reed.

"What are you doing here?" I asked trying to keep my voice from conveying my true feelings. She annoyed me, a lot. Maybe it was her cheeriness and Miss Goody two shoes persona that irritated me, either that or I was turning into a right bitter old cow.

"Having lunch, what else?" she replied, her tone high and I bit back a snarky response. I really was a bitter old cow. "I thought you wanted to quit." Jade said with a frown that didn't look right on her face, when Reed got his tobacco and filters out.

"I did." he said, rolling it carefully then lighting it up. I was surprised, he hadn't told me about wanting to quit. I decided to let it go.

"He's been smoking for two years now, what's the point when he still does it?"

She frowned at me as she squirted ketchup on one side of her fries, "You should be encouraging him to quit. You're his girlfriend and should support him."

Now she'd made me sound like an uncaring girlfriend, I was not happy at all. "I know that. Don't you think I've tried?" I replied, my voice harsh and cold. In truth, I hadn't been what you'd call supportive but I knew what Reed was like. He hated being told what to do.

"He needs support on this or he won't ever quit, it's bad for his health."

I refrained from rolling my eyes, just barely, "Don't come here and tell me what to do. A lot of things are bad for our health but that doesn't mean we don't do it anyway"

"Like what?" She asked. This should've been said confidently but her voice was meek and shy.

"Like my soda, I could end up with no teeth at all cos I drink it every day or like your fries. If you eat then enough, the oil could build up in your arteries and give you a heart attack by the time you're fifty"

"Katy shut up" Reed said sharply, his bright green eyes sending me warnings to back off.

"What? I'm telling her the truth, if she doesn't like it she can leave"

"You don't have to be brutal about it" he said turning his head to blow smoke away so it wouldn't choke me, also glancing at Jade who had pushed her fries away.

I took two and ate them, letting my words sink in. I was exaggerating, clearly but she took it so seriously.

"She's right, I shouldn't tell her what to do. I just wanted to help" She said, if possible her voice was even quieter.

Me being me though I couldn't let it go, cos as soon as Miss Sunshine here had turned up, I'd felt like crap because she was so nice and I well...wasn't.

"Are you implying that I don't care enough to help him?"

She had the cheek to look all innocent, batting those brown eyes of hers. She reminded me of bambi and not in a good way. Bambi was vulnerable and an easy target.

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