Chapter 7

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Monday 7:50 AM

I was walking around with Jass recording all the prom proposals. Before 1st period. It was so cute.

All of a sudden Chris walked in with balloons and flowers. I guess for his little girlfriend Kathleen some shit like that. It made me feel some type of way. Again I didn't know why. I shrugged it off and remembered that I'm with Jass.

When witch-a-call-it said yes she hugged and kissed him then she looked at me like "bitch this mine". Like the fuck. "Yo shawty tripping." I mumbled to myself. "You okay baby?" Jass said looking at me. "Yeah I'm good." I lied I was feeling some type of way. But I wasn't gonna tell her that. It would blow up into something and I would hate for that to break our relationship up.

Later on in the day I was in class with Chris just talking. Then Katness walked in talking bout she got sent out. She sat across the table next to Chris who was sitting in front of me.

"Hey baby." She said kissing on him. "Hey bae. So anyway Y/n-" Katnip kissed him mid sentence. I laughed hella hard. She pulled away and looked at me. "Whats funny." She said making a lil stank face. "Your insecurity. You kissed him mid-sentence in my face to show me he's your's. I don't want your man baby. I'd be more into you more then him. And that says alot cause I don't like you." I said. "Well Y/n if you don't like her oh well cause I deal with Jass and I don't like her." Chris said. "I chill with Jass cause that's your girl. If that wasn't I wouldn't fuck with her. Can you just do this for me?" He said looking at me pouting. "Fine." I said rolling my eyes. "Chris I don't need you to make friends for me." She said looking at me. I huffed and pulled out my phone and texted Jass.


8:30 AM

Kaylen is tripping. I just want my bestfriend and my girlfriend to just get along and she acting like Y/n wanna take me from her. Which isn't ever happening cause Y/n is gay. Kaylen needs chill the fuck out.

The bell rung and me and Kaylen went to go talk. "Look Kay kay, do you love me?" I asked. "Yes I do baby. What is this about?" She asked getting close. "You and Y/n need to get together and try and make this work. Cause that's my bestfriend and your my girlfriend. I need yall to be cool." I said grabbing her hands. "She just rolled her eyes. "Whatever." She said walking away.

She so irritating. When she does that shit it means she want me to beg and plead for her to not be mad. Shit I'm mad too I sacrificed a lot for this girl in the years we had been on and off. I lost friends over her and she won't even try to be cordial for me. She just upsets me with her selfishness.



That bitch Yn need to stay away from Chris. I gotta set some shit up. Oh she will hate Chris after what I do. Then he'll be mine all mine.


3:15 PM

So I walked to my truck and started it up. Y/n was about to get out of detention and I had everything set up perfectly. I would tell y'all but trust me y'/all would think I'm a sappy type. And I'm not.

I walked into the school and leaned against the detention center room door. The door open and Yn was the first to come out. She saw me and jump on me. She kissed me passionately. I wrapped her legs around my waist and felt on her butt. I put her down and pecked her lips.

"Alright babe we gotta get you to work." I said grabbing her hand and taking her to the truck.

I got nervous as hell. My hands got sweaty and my throat got dry. Shit I do sound like a lil bitch.

I pulled up to her job and walked her inside. Took her directly to the back and everyone popped up with balloons and signs.

One sign had "be my" and another one said "girl and date to prom?" The balloons had pictures of us on them. She was in tears ,she had her mouth covered, and she was just speechless.

"Yes I will be your girl and date to prom." She said pulling my face to hers and kissing me. This mines now. I's taken now. (Color purple reference)

I left her to let her get to work. I paid everyone the 10 dollars and went on bout my way. I had shit to do prom in two weeks and I know Y/n want some big stuff imma plan everything ahead of time.


3:45 PM

I was walking around the studio hall checking on people making sure the equipment was good. But then the door rang as in someone was walking in. I walked to the desk and sat down quickly. "Hello welcome t-" I looked up and it was Karen. "Welcome to studio hall do you have an appointment." I said being professional. "Nah I came to speak to you." She said. "Well I am working kathelyn. You'll have to wait till later." I said getting on a buzz on my remote. I got up and walked to the studio and fixed the equipment problem. As I walked out Karol was all in my face. "Look Christain told me I had to be cool with you and since we both love him I think we should be cool. Cause I know we don't wanna lose him." She said. "Look Katherine I don't have to be cool with you. I can be cordial with you." I said walking back to my desk. "First of all my name is Kaylen. Second fine as long as we ain't beefing." I was gonna say something but I stopped. "Okay." I said bland and she came around and hugged me.

I mean I guess Chris put her in her place. Hmm I guess we can be friends. But if she start tripping all that shit is dead.


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