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Mabel ́s Pov

I wake up from the car and I smell something but what is it? Is it popcorn? No. Is it Chicken soup? No! It's... its ... IT'S TACOS! I jolt out of the seat "STAN STAN STAN STAN STAN STAN." I kept repeating "WHat!" he said louder than usual "Can we get tacos?" I say right in his ears "Ok fine you're lucky I like tacos and I have the money!" he says making an illegal U-turn "Yay" I poke my head out the window  

(Few minutes after buying tacos)

"Hey, Stan did you ever think about going back to your family?" I ask "Well before I tell you I need to ask you a question where is yours?" he says staring me dead in the eye I think he knew I was lying before "I lost my brother. I made a dumb decision and it brought me here." Stan smiled at me "We really aren't that different." I smile aswel 

Dipper's Pov 


(Sorry its shorter than usual)

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