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"Should I read it?.. no.. I can't"
i thought to myself as I paced around my room still in my pajamas
Ruffling my fingers through my dirty blonde hair as I sighed to myself

"Fuck it!" I shouted to myself as I pulled out my phone and turned it towards my face
The message displayed on the screen soon revealed itself after i unlocked my phone

His response?
was anything, but an answer to the question that I had asked..

"Something unique that I came up with not to long after I moved here :p-
Why so curious Hmm?~"

I stared at the screen-
And straight up feeling stupid..

I put my phone next to me as I sat down on my bed with my head resting in my hands
"Why did i even bother asking.. honestly" I groaned to myself

My moment of silence was interrupted by the sound of my phone.. ringing?!
I turned my phone over and saw that it was george again, but he was calling?
"What?" I mumbled as I hesitated pushing the little green button to answer

Then i finally did it as I raised the phone to my ear

His voice came before mine-
"You should stop sulking on your bed and just turn around and ask me in person Dreamy Boy~"

My heart sunk as I forgot that georges window and my window faced one another.. that means-
He knows that I'm sitting here!!
Slowly I turned enough to see across my shoulder and behind me,
Where I saw George perched at his window sill smirking at me and laughing to himself
" hey neighbor" he says in a soothing voice
It was the first time I had seen him without his mask on-
And I was right.. he's fucking handsome

"I-I.. Um!! Hold on!!" I yelled into the phone as I quickly turned back and grabbed my white mask,
Putting it on my face and slowly peaking my head out of my window.. still holding the phone to my ear as he spoke to me

"Sorry, I didn't really expect you to call me so early" I said into the phone

So you're a day sleeper and a night owl huh?"
He says as he raised his brow at me

"U-Um yeah, sure, you can call it that"
I replied

"Why are you curious to know my little friends name?"
He asked as he adjusted himself on the window in a curious pose

"I can't really give a specific or special answer to that.. I-I was just genuinely curious I guess you could say"
He didn't say anything else after my response for a couple minutes as I awkwardly stared at him and he curiously stared back at me
Until he spoke again

"So if it's nothing personal do you mind if I ask why you're even wearing the mask even though you're at home?-"

I didn't say anything for a few seconds as I thought to myself
"Why did i even put the mask over my mouth and nose? I'm at home for fucks sake"
The response I gave? Was.. well.. stupid

"Why are you so curious? Do you actually WANT to see how I look?"
I said with a jokingly cocky tone as I chuckled
then his response made me choke on my own fucking joke.. literally

"I was just genuinely curious to see if the boy next door is actually as handsome as I think he is I guess YOU could say"

My eyes widened as I sprung off of my bed at his response
"I-I What?!"
I yell into the phone as I start to walk backwards,
Shocked to say the least
But my thoughts were interrupted when I tripped on my shoe..
Falling backwards as my phone flew from where I was holding it

I groaned as I sighed to myself.. what a way to give a response
I could hear george laughing through the phone and from the window
mumbling to myself as I reached for my phone and put it back against my ear in frustration

"Thanks for the check up.. asshole"
I said as I still heard him chuckling a bit

But that was just to fucking funny you gotta admit!"
He says as he erupts into laughter once more

For some reason..
laughed with him?..

"Okay okay haha it's kinda funny I will say"
A big smile spreading across my face
A genuine warmness that I haven't felt in a long.. long time

but then I stopped as his answer replayed in my mind
"Hey George?" I began to say

"Yeah?" He responds

I pressed my lips into a thin line as I mustered up the courage to ask one final question
"Were you.. Um.. kidding? About what you said?"

silence fills my ears for about a minute
Until he spoke

"No I wasn't"

My heart skipped a beat as clutch my chest, feeling myself blush at his answer
"S-So you're into guys then?"

More silence for another minute
Until his voice rang through my ear one final time
But this time I was too shocked to speak

"I'm into YOU dream..
and I think that speaks for itself"

still laying on the floor,
All I heard was the sound of the call ending

and when I got up to see if he was still at his window
He was still there
Giving me a wink and a side smile as he waved goodbye and disappeared into his room and house

The only words that came out of me?

"Holy shit.."

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