Chapter 18: Abducted

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Scarlett closed her eyes. Both of them stood facing the black oval shaped mirror. Scarlett formed her hands into a triangular shape an inch low before her stomach and stood very still as she focused.

Thomass' hand held the bottom of the blade. He held it still as he could in his hand and slowly lifted it from his back pocket. Scarlett started saying things in a language Thomas couldn't understand. At first it startled Thomas, but he then realized she was just saying a spell.

It's now or never. Thomas thought.

The mirror started to glow a yellowish color. This was Thomas's chance. He moved the knife quickly across Scarletts neck then closed his eyes.

Scarlett stood there for a moment in shock trying to soak in what had just happened. There was a line across her neck that began bleeding as soon as she placed her hand on it.

"No...Wha..w...why." Scarlett asked placing her hands on the cut. The blood was all over her neck and hands now. She looked at Thomas angrily.

Thomas held out the knife in front of him. Tears flowed down from his eyes.

"I don't want to do this Scarlett, I'm so sorry." He cried out. "But I have to!"Thomas said running towards Scarlett with the knife. He aimed for her heart this time.

Scarlett stood completly still then reached her hand out towards Thomas. Blood dripped from her fingers. Thomas couldn't move. He started choking. Gurgling noises came from his throat. His eyes were huge now and felt as if they could bust out of his eye sockets any moment.

"Endure the curse of those before ,but live you no longermore. Unless be found of what is hidden, may you be free." She said.

Thomas's eyes turned into black sockets. He fell to the ground hard. Scarlett then fell to the ground while holding her neck. She struggled to get up but managed. She looked at Thomas once more. A fog came for his chest and rose into the air until it formed Thomas's entire body. Scarlett watch as his body was being sucked inside the mirror.


Liam woke up and saw Liam standing by the mirror looking into it. "That's all you remember?" He asked Thomas.

"Yes." Thomas said. "I'm cursed. Unless I find what's hidden."

"What's hidden?" Liam asked.

"The ashes to my body. I don't where my body or the remains of them are. Only if I find them I will be free of the curse." Thomas said. "Since you came body's been trying to reach me. I can feel it. You know something about my ashes."

Liam stood up and placed his hands in his pants pocket. He leaned his head to the side in confusion.

"Huh?" Was the only thing Liam said.

"That's why I took over your body. Too find my missing remains. But Scarlett tried to prevent me from this the whole time. I looked everywhere around this place but no luck. I even dug in the backyard, no bones." Thomas said. "Scarlett's dead, but her magic remains. The mirrors are dark and scary places."

Liam looked at him. "'re already dead. You can't die again. What is there to be afraid of?" He said.

"It's a scary afterlife Liam, especially if your not buried correctly. I have to live in a dark place forever, hearing the screams and moans of the past. It make me feels like I'm dying everyday Liam. I just want to rest in peace. I tried...but I failed." Thomas said looking away.

"Maybe we can find your ashes, Thomas. I can help you." Liam said.

"There's no time Liam. She's out there and she wants you." Thomas said walking towards Liam. "Whenever the wind blew hard, or whenever Scarlett disappeared it was because of me. Remember the first time you saw me? I reached out for you and Scarlett disappeared?"

"Yes..." Liam said nodding his head.

"I was trying to stop her but her power is still strong. Yet she is still afraid of me for some reason. The only power I had was to take over you, so I did." Thomas said. "Just until I found myself, Liam.'s over and I give up." He said facing the mirror.

Liam nodded. He understood why Thomas did what he did. Why he took over him for a while. He felt sorry for Thomas.

"Thanks Liam..." Thomas said with a fake smile.

"For what?" Liam said.

"For letting me live and having a family for a while." Thomas said fading.

"What's happening!" Liam said.

Thomas looked around rapidly. Before he fully vanished he mouthed the words I don't know.

Liam looked inside of the mirror and saw his reflection. He stared for a while.

"You're an evil person Scarlett." Liam said.

The reflection of Liam frowned and walked away. Liam then felt a cold hand on his shoulder. Before he knew it he was thrown back against the wall behind him. His back hit the pictures on the wall then  he fell to the floor, hard. As he laid there trying to regain his vision he failed.

A blurry figure wearing a dress stood in front of him. She was holding something.

Liam felt to dizzy to look up. He let his head plomp to the floor.

The lights came on in the living room. "Liam!" His mom and dad yelled as they both came to help him up.

As Liam's parents helped him up, his head leaned back and forth a little. His vision began to return.

There was a soft cry in the room. A baby cry. Liam and his parents looked in the hallway.

"Timmy!!" Liam's mother yelled reaching for her baby.

Scarlett smiled at them, stepping into the mirror with Timmy, she vanished. His parents only banged and hit the mirror, yelling after their abducted son.



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