Chapter 8: We're in foreign land (part 2)

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"Well, yeah, we had to keep the adventure epic."

Suddenly Tyler pulled his tshirt and pants out and left me standing with an open mouth.

When I realised Madison was laughing at me I tried to act normal. Calm down, Jenna. You just saw Tyler half naked, it's not that weird.

okay maybe it is.

Tyler jumped in the water. Seconds later water splashed over me and all my clothes were wet.

''You little asshole'' I screeched.

Tyler grinned, while swimming closer to me. ''What are you gonna do about, my lad-?''

I jumped in the water-100percent in clothes- and his face looked actually scared when I tried to run to him in the water. I started splashing him.

After 20 minutes it was obviously I had won the water fight battle.

''Oh my god, get a room you two'' Zack said and Maddy and him both started laughing.

Tyler and I on the other hand looked awkward away.

''Shouldn't we get going? Dad is probably wondering were we are.''

Zack sighed. ''It's not our fault he made his 'epic adventure' so difficult.''


After getting out of the water Tyler lent me some clothes he had brought with him. He gave me a gigantic grouplove tshirt but eventhough there could fit 2 people in, it was really comfy.

4 hours later we finally found the secret place , guided by some red marks on trees ,and Kelly and Chris were waiting for us there.

''There they are!!!!'' Chris exclaimed.

Kelly was preparing some food and we all jumped on it. We were starving after the ''epic adventure".

There was a nice atmosphere in the air and I actually felt a part of the family. Tyler caught me smiling and gave me a smile back, which made my stomach tumble.

God, What was happenning to me.


It was already 10pm when we were sitting around the camp fire. I couldn't stop yawning, tired of the hiking.

''Tyler can you bring Jenna home? It's late anyway. We all should be heading home."

''Yeah of course.''

''Thanks'' I said while yawning again. Kelly laughed.  I said goodbye to everyone and hugged all of them.

Tyler and I walked to his car and it was actually warm in it, which made me even more tired.

Before starting the car, Tyler looked at me again like he often did, but this time it was different, not curious eyes but admiring. I wanted to ask him about it but he started the car before I could.

I don't know how but at one point I must have fallen asleep. I'm not heavy sleeper but when Tyler woke me up, back at home I wondered how I didn't once wake up, I wasn't really a person who slept through a car trip. I was too tired to think about it.

I tried to find the car door handle but was too tired to even bother finding it.

''I can carry you if you want.'' He was grinning more joking.

I grumbled something but next thing I know was that I was in my room and Tyler was gone.

I fell asleep soon after that.


Waking up was nice with the memory of yesterday in my head.

I almost stumbled over my backpack though and I cursed because I didn't dry my wet clothes yesterday. I didn't even want to know how it would smell. I also was still wearing the hoodie Tyler gave me after jumping into the water.

The clothes were still wet and when I opened the backpack I found something else.

I looked the object and recognized the cd with  ''Twenty one pilots'' on it.

I smiled.Damn u ,Tyler.



Okay so this chapter was so cheesy IM SORRY. I hope you still liked it and omg I realised I forgot to talk about Jenna's sibling oops.





And thank you for still reading this, it means a lot x


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