Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

The next morning, Lyla woke to Landon's arm wrapped around her waist. He wasn't lying when he said that he would respect Lyla and not force her to do something she didn't want to do. All she and Landon did was sleep, in Landon's arms, of course, but they slept and Lyla was happy about that.

But the Luna ceremony was today. And at the end of the day, Lyla was going to be the Luna of a werewolf pack. Officially. And Lyla wanted support for that. Landon was going to be with her every step of the way but that didn't mean that Lyla didn't want her best friend at her side. And Hamish. She couldn't forget Hamish. So Lyla was going to ask them to come, after she got Landon's permission, of course.

Lyla knew that Landon would be in his office making final touches to the ceremony so she made her way there. She hoped that he would say yes because she was asking his permission. It wasn't like she was going to be going behind his back about this so surely he would say yes.

Lyla continued on her way to Landon's office and she stopped in her tracks when she heard growling. A wolf inside? Why would the werewolves want to shift inside? It was a little strange but the growling soon subsided and Lyla continued on her way. But the growling came back again and right now, it was behind Lyla. She turned around to see a grey wolf, snarling behind her and it leapt up, placing it's paws on her shoulders and pushed her to the ground.

Before Lyla could think about kicking the wolf off, it bit her. On the shoulder. And Lyla screamed in pain. This hurt more than the time Landon bit her, marked her, and it gave her no pleasure whatsoever. And Lyla just wanted Landon here now and she hoped that he heard her scream.

Before her eyes, Lyla saw a flash of brown and a flash of black. Black. That was Landon in his wolf form and Lyla was so relieved. She felt the two wolves push the grey wolf off her and they fought. It was two wolves against one so Lyla knew that Landon was going to win. And she was so glad that he was here.

Lyla backed away and pressed herself against the wall. She looked at her shoulder where the wolf bit her and it was still giving her some pain. Why would a wolf want to bite her? The soon to be Luna of the pack. Shouldn't he or she have shown her some respect or something? She was going to be the Luna, Landon's Alpha female, so the wolves needed to show her respect. That was what she had been telling herself and for a while she believed it. Now she was questioning it.

Lyla soon heard the growling subside and the grey wolf backed down, with his head lowered and his ears pressed flat against his head. Lyla didn't know much about wolf behaviour but that was clear submission and Lyla was glad of that. Lyla then watched as Landon came over to her and pressed his warm wolf body onto her. Lyla didn't hesitate to wrap her arms around him and bury her face in his thick black fur. She wanted his comfort right now, in wolf form or not.

Landon was furious right now. Bailey had actually bitten his mate and it wasn't a full moon. So now Landon knew that Bailey had learnt to control his wolf by controlling his emotions and that was not a good thing. Bailey would spread the word about this discovery to the turned wolves and then there would be no controlling them. It was bad enough dealing with rogue wolves and vampires. Landon didn't want to have to deal with the outrage of turned wolves when they discovered that they actually could control their wolf.

"Alpha," Alex mind linked Landon, "shall I take him to the dungeon?"

"No," Landon shook his wolf head while pressed up against Lyla, "he needs to be made an example of. Send for the whole pack and gather as many turned wolves as you can. He is going to be killed. In front of his pack-mates."

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