13 & Pregnant {17}

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"Miss.West could you please stop doing that" The female police officer said for 100th time as she tried to take my mug shot but I keep sticking my tongue out or trning around singing starships by nicki minaj.

She finally got my mug shot and Mia and I were leas into a cell, I hope Marco and Ryan bail us out.

The female officer push- wait let me rephrase this, the rude bitchy female officer pushed Mia and I into the cell, laughed and walked off.

I turned around to see a bunch of teens about 16 or 17 and they didnt look creepy at all.

Well I might enjoy jail time.

**2 minutes later**

"Get me the hell out of here, im going crazyyy" I said as I banged on anything and everything.

"Brooklyn West could you please SHUTUP!" The female officer said as she tried to read her magazine which im sure is playboy.

I turned around and sat next to Mia. Some of the teen girls came up to me and started playing with my hair.

"I so wish I had long hair" The girl sitting next to me said to her friends.

"What's your name cupcake" The girl asked.

"Brooklyn" I said with an extended hand and smile.

"My names Carrie" She said to me and shook my hand awkwardly.

"So what you in for" I asked her

"Trespassing" She said with a scoff,"how about you"

"Beating someone up and running away from the cops" I said with a smile at the end like I just her about my good grades.

"Wow your pregnant and you beat someone up, nigga fist bump" she said and I fist bump her.

"Brooklyn, Mia your free to go" I heard the bitchy female officer said as she opened the cell door.

"Yes finally" Mia said as she got up and ran for the doors.

"I'll see you around" I said to Carrie.

"Ite cupcake, can I have your number?" She asked as she passed me a pen.

I wrote my number down on her arm and left.

I went outside into the parking lot to see a very angry Marco and Ryan.

"Heyyyy boys" I said with a nervous laugh. Then an idea clicked into my head.

As I started to approach them I turned around and stood there. I popped open the cap to my water bottle and started spilling some making sure they saw the water. I screamed 'My water broke' then slipped the water bottle into my bag pocket when I heard Marco and Ryan approaching.

"Marco marco I dont know what to do" Ryan said nervously as I fake collapsed in his arms.

"Ryan calm down lets carry her to the car" Marco said and they carried me to the car and I noticed Mia was there giggling quietly.

Marco and Ryan jumped in and started off for the hospital.

"Sike bitchesss" Mia and I yelled together as I got up.

"You devils" Marco said as he hit the sterring wheel.

"You two are evil" Ryan said as he glared at us.

We got home and laughed at what happened today. I went up to my room took a shower amd changed into an over sized white t shirt.That I kept trying to pull down because of my tummy.

'I got a bone to pick' My Kendrick lamar ringtone came on and I grabbed my phone.

"Heyooo" I said over excitedly through the phone as I layed down on my bed.

"Hey brook its Carrie"

"Hey carrie how you doin"

"Im good errr I got something to tell you" Carrie said nervously.

"Go on"

"Well Brook I think I like you because your so pretty and easy going amd you didnt even think I was a freak when we met today" She said with a sigh.

I was left shocked and I did what any other 13 year old would do. I hung up and went to sleep thinking about what Carrie just said.

Im with Ryan and Im not intrested in girls.

Man my life is fucked up...


I'll update again today, o my goshhhhhh this book got alotta reads than I expected but pleaseee can u vote. I really want a 100 votes. Were coming to the end sadly:( butttttt there might be a sequel. Love u all.

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