Chapter 1

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Manuela's POV

I try to reach something that I needed to clean up on the floor but I couldn't because of my belly.

I put my hand on my belly, where a 6 month old baby was in there.

Pregnancy stinks and I hate the big belly part but I guess that's just life. 

Instead of trying to pick it up again, I sat on the couch and went on my phone.

I then decided to go out and go shopping. I haven't bought anything for the baby. Its also a boy so I'm excited.

I went into the car and I drove to the mall. Before I drove, i called my brother Jimmy so he can help me and he accepted my invite. I love him. I also have 2 other brothers and sometimes they can be over protective but they have learned their lesson thankfully and they are not really like that anymore.

When they first found out that I was pregnant and with someone I shouldn't be, they were mad but then they realized they were going to have a nephew so they were happy that the little boy wasn't going to grow up with his papai.

My filho's pai is Neymar.

Neymar's POV

Me, gil, and my other friends were in my backyard just playing around.

Then, rafa and my girlfriend come from inside with drinks.

I kiss gabriella and she chuckled while giving me my drink.

Me and gabriella aren't like in a real relationship. She gets jealous when we walk in the streets and other girls come after us.

She pulls on my hands and that's how she pulls me away from them.

"Gil, does yours taste bad?" I asked taking a sip from my drink

I was joking and he knows that.

"Yeah what did you guys do to them?" he continued

"We did nothing" Gaby said with a little temper.

"Calm down girl, we're joking" I told her

I then received a smack.

"Let's go inside" Rafa suggested

"I guess we can watch TV" I said

All of us walked inside and Gil turned on the TV.

He flippped through some channels until he came to the celebrity news.

"Manuela Cardoso and her big brother the best make-up stylist jimmy were spotted shopping together and they were in the baby store. Looks like manuela has a baby coming up but she hasn't told anyone who the father is and she isn't dating anyone so who could it be? Stay tuned and we'll find out soon enough." The women said

Manuela? Pregnant? With who? Well, I guess she moved on.

Manuela and I used to be in a relationship and it was better than the relationship I have right now but the media called us the cutest couple of Barcelona and we were happy about that but all that changed after we got in a fight because I got drunk and ended up making out with another girl and trust me, I don't remember any of it.

All I saw were the photos on media and then I got mad at manuela for yelling at me because she had no right to do that to me. I was her boyfriend back then and she was younger and way younger than me.

Last time I saw her and spoke to her was like 5 months ago and I still remember her smile she used to have when I would always meet up with her after every training session.

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