17| Suck

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I ran up to daddy who was talking to some man at his club, it looked like they knew each other

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I ran up to daddy who was talking to some man at his club, it looked like they knew each other. And there was a girl on a chair beside the standing man talking to my daddy. She had this black dress on with black fishnets. And she had this super cute hot pink collar on.

I want one.

"Can you fix my hair? Chris messed my hair up." I pouted a little, my left pigtail was a little droopy and a few hairs were sticking out of place.

"Excuse me little one. That was very rude for you to interrupt this man." Daddy said sternly. My cheeks went red as I turned to the gentleman.

"I'm sorry Sir." I said quietly.

"It's okay sweetie," he chuckled a little, "I know my little girl would freak out if her hair was out of place too." I watched the girls cheeks go red like mine.

Daddy grabbed my waist and pulled me back over to him then pulled out the elastic and began to gather up the hair into a more cleaner pigtail.

The man's little kept looking at me, but I also kept looking at her. She has a very dark style. Wearing all black except for her collar. Which I still want.

Daddy and the man carried on the conversation as daddy fixed my hair, and once he finished that, he fixed the bows that were clipped into each elastic, they were my idea.

"Why don't you show Alice around princess, these two are both new to the area and new to the club." Daddy suggested after he placed a kiss on my cheek.

"Okay." I said with a little shrug, Alice, the same girl with the collar, got up and her daddy gave her a kiss, then we both walked off. "So your name is Alice?" I asked and she nodded, "that's cool, like Alice in Wonderland. My name is Sofia."

"Like Sofia the First." She laughed slightly and I smiled. I like her just from her knowing that show.

"So this is the dancing area," we were standing in it but she still looked around, "oh! And I can introduce you to one of my best friend!" I took her over to the bar where Paul was, surprisingly just on his phone. "This is Paul, he is the first person I met here."

"Hello Sof, and who might this be?" He gave her one of his pretty smiles and she smiled back.

"I'm Alice." She said, "I'm knew here."

"And you're getting one of the famous tours from Sofia, my goodness you're lucky." He is so nice to everyone, and even if he doesn't know them, but knows they're a little, he is so nice.

"We gotta keel moving but we'll probably come back." I said and he nodded. I lead her over to the booth area, "you can eat here too! I recommend the fries, they're so good!"

"I love fries!"

"Oh yeah, we're gonna be besties." I sighed and she giggled. "I'll show you where the bathroom, they're this way." I led her into the quiet hallway. "Fun fact, on my first night here and couple of months back, I was looking for the washroom, but accidentally went into the bosses office of this place. Now that boss is my daddy."

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