8• Circles

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Delicately dancing into the night, Nico's breath faded among the glowing stars. Nico could feel the chill of the night claw its way under his skin, and the demigod shivered. 

The black haired boy crossed his arms, praying to the gods that he would conserve some precious warmth.

The clank of wheels against stone rang softly through out the night. The hooting of owls was heard as well and fish occasionally splashing in the lake added to the chorus. Nico hummed lightly to himself, wanting to add on to the nighttime music.

He hummed a song Bianca had taught him– a lullaby that Nico would never forget. Nico smiled at the memory of his sister, looking away from the night sky to the wizards and Will.

The wizards and the demigods were in a worn down carriage that was being pulled by black, skeleton like horses. The dark animals looked fragile like wax paper and Nico wondered how they knew the way to the castle with no guide.

Swallowing his nerves and desperate to cut the awkward silence, Nico spoke. "So are the horses under a magic spell? Is that how they know the way to the castle?"

Across from him, Hermione arched a bushy eyebrow and turned to share an inscrutable look with Ron. The girl's brown eyes connected with Nico's again.

She talked slowly, as if befuddled by Nico's question. "Um, Nico... what horses? The carriages are enchanted to drive by themselves..."

Nico tried to ignore the way Harry stared directly at him. It made the demigod uneasy.

Now Nico was the bewildered one. The demigod was about to dig further when a small hand gently patted his head.

Nico tensed up and words trembled on the tip of his tongue. His ears burned with embarrassment; he was acutely aware of the hand that was resting on his black hair. Nico blinked, feeling odd that he resembled a dog being pet by his master.

"It's alright. You aren't crazy. I can see them too..." A cool voice slipped into his ears. It was soft, dreamy, and reassuring. Just like an angel. Or better yet, a friend.

In a haze, Nico glanced to his left.

It was Luna Lovegood.

She wore an innocent smile on her pale pink lips. Luna's eyes were large and misty. Nico thought that if he looked long enough, he would be able to count the different shades of blue and grey. That girl seemed as simple as Hestia and wise as Athena.

"You're just like me," Luna said. The carriage had stopped and everyone was piling out.

"Who are you... really?" Nico mumbled, eyes narrowing. "Why do you know so muc-"

"Nico! Are you coming or what, you emo poster boy?" Will's booming voice called from afar. He had an angry tone in it."Deathboy? Come here!"

Nico scoffed, what was up with his blondie? Was Nico a pet now? Nico flushed with indignation. He demanded respect!

Oh... wait a second! His blondie??

Noticing his blunder, Nico jolted forward, startling Luna whom was starting to get up and hop out of the carriage.

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