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Caitlin Sinclair was content enjoying her structured life as a high powered business executive. Often complimented for her striking beauty and ramp model good looks, a complete antithesis, to the cool calm and collected executive who with poise proves a worthy adversary to any who challenged her in the boardroom, until she falls literally into the arms of the arrogant and obnoxious Nicholas Brenthurst. The attraction is instantaneous, the chemistry, hot sizzling and  undeniable.   Only she did not appreciate his high handed bossy manner.  Like a dirty coin she found him surfacing everywhere. There was no escape from his relentless pursuit of her. Her wanton body did not help much, greedily responding to the master of seduction, her calm and poise had no defense against his continuous onslaught.  Caitlin a supposed expert on strategy found herself in rather a precarious position with the rug being pulled from under her feet whilst on her watch. Thrown deep into the emotional waters, try as she might, she could not find a way that could bring her back to the surface unscathed. Nicholas Brenthurst tied her to an airtight contract that provided no escape, ruining her exit strategy and compelling her to suffer his merciless onslaught, to which her body shamelessly participated in.

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