My Prince by alyloony

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Pano kung nainlove ka sa isang taong alam mo na kahit kelan hindi mo MAAABOT? Gagawa ka ba ng paraan? yung araw-araw susundan, magiging stalker or yung araw-araw tinititigan and kulang nalang dambahin mo dahil sa sobrang pagmamahal mo sa kanya.

Alam mo bang may story dito sa watty na ganyan? and this is it .. My Prince na gawa ni alyloony.. Arcie tried her best to enter Prince Academy, the school for elites in spite of being a commoner just to follow her first love. But after she succeed entering the school, she realized how far is the distance between him and the guy she loves and how it is impossible for them to be together. Being a commoner, she was always being bullied by her classmates and doesn't have any friends. So she decided to stay in shadows until she graduates. But when her last year in Prince Academy came, she became involve in six people which they called them selves Star Six, that made her final year turned upside down.

Book Recommendation 2013 (vol. 1)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!