Never Thought... I Would Be Here

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Dedicated to my girl, Shin Shin!! I will truly miss you!! And I want to thank @Wordtoyamother for the awesome cover!

The plane landed and I'm trying to regain the feeling in my legs and get the ringing in my ears to stop before getting off. I waited until there were just a few people left before getting up and getting my things. I know a lot of y'all are probably wondering why I took a plane when driving would have been just as feasible. But seriously, I didn't feel like being in hours long traffic and it only gets worse when you get into Virginia for some reason. And anyways, I sold my car before leaving since it was time to give up it. I sold it for parts since it was so old, but I figure with the money I've been saving since my mother died, I should be okay.

Oh I should tell you a little bit more about my life story. My mother died about 6 years ago, and before she left, she made sure that I would be okay once she was gone. I was just starting out as a pastry chef and she knew it was dream to start my own bakery when the time was right. But she I guess she had a feeling that she wouldn't be around to see it when it happened since she had an very aggressive form of breast cancer. She tried to beat it, but in the end... Needless to say, she fought to the end and she made sure that I would be okay. So instead of spending all that money I got, I paid off my student loans, found a place and paid 6 months rent until I was established at my job, and then got a simple car. Nothing fancy, just a 2002 Toyota Camry. It got me from point A to B in the beginning, and then became hormonal in its later years. But back to the original point, I just let the rest of the money build up over time. So glad I did that so in situations (like calling off your wedding) I could up and leave and not being worried about having to start working the VERY NEXT DAY!

I feel truly bless to have my Aunt Sandra. She has always been like another mother to me. She has always had my back and even been my rock when my mom died. Even though she lived further away, she would take frequent trips to make sure I was okay and that was what truly got me through that dark time. There's really not much I could do to show my gratitude and love for how she went above and beyond for me. But hopefully working in her bakery will help. Which brings us back to me finding my luggage and now looking for my wonderful aunt. And after what it seemed like forever, I find both my luggage and then my wonderful aunt. Most people think I'm her child since we do look alike. We're both fun-size at 5'2 with curvaceous bodies and huge smiles. Only difference is the color of our skin since she's lighter than me, and she has short pepper hair. Once I was able to spot her, (which is no easy task, mind you) I ran up and gave her the biggest hug I could possibly give her. It felt so good to see her, especially after all I've been through in a short period of time. I felt so relieved at that moment and got a sense of everything will be alright. After hugging each other, she finally pulled away to look at me.

"Wow!! You look AMAZING!! How was the flight up here? It wasn't too bad, was it?"

"Thanks! It was fine although I had to wait 20 minutes to regain the feeling in my legs but other than that, it was fine. Way better than driving!"

"Ain't that the truth sweetie. Well here are the keys to the condo that you'll be staying at. The person is doing me a favor by letting you stay there until you can get on your feet, so don't worry about rent just yet. And the movers were there a couple of days ago, so all your furniture and things are already there. You just now need to unpack."

"Oh, the fun part... Not! But I gave a lot of things away before I left, so unpacking won't be too bad. Truth be told, I'll probably end up throwing a lot out once I start unpacking. But I'm just anxious to see the place in person. And then just sleep for a while and then some more!"

We both started laughing at that. We talked about other things like how the family was and what's new with them, which there isn't. They're still the same old family that's dysfunctional, but that's most families nowadays. We got to her car and put my suitcases in there. As soon as I got in the car, I felt the weight of the move starting to bear on me. I could hear my auntie asking me questions but I could only give one worded answers before nodding to sleep in the car. Before I knew it, we were in front of the condo that I would be calling home for the time being. The area looked nice and there was even a shopping center in walking distance of me. How lovely! But anyways, we got things out the trunk and made our way to the condo (it has an elevator, how awesome) and when I opened the door, I realized I was really doing this. Once seeing all the boxes scattered around, it really hit me that I actually uprooted myself from everything and was going to start this new adventure, BY MYSELF! I would panic but all I want to do is sleep. I'm so glad my aunt can pick up on this. She put my bags in my room and told me she would call later to check up on me. We hugged and she then left. I looked for the container with my bedding and quickly found it. I made up the bed with quicker than I thought and passed out.

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