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no more can i resist you

no more can i pretend to you

subtle that my hints were

not that i was aware.

longing for your voice

wakes me up in dreams

telling me to call you

only to know its two.

this love that i have

existing like a corpse

beggar that it is

without your existence.

everytime i see you

brings it alive

pushing me within

to take you in my arms.

Stupid that i am

trying to jam

jammed that it is

wanting to find its way.

know that i am afraid

afraid to say what i am

but no more can i be

because its time to me

to put an end to my ordeal

is not in my hands,

loving unknowingly is all i can do

and i accept its true.

fallen that i have

on the ruins of love before

darkened are its stairs

leading up nowhere.

prince that i was

on this very ruins once

castle that it was

underneath my white horse

long that it has been

without a princess in pink

leading to its downfall

ruined castle that it is.

the key that you hold

to the castle within me

open my heart you princess

you are the one meant to be.

i know that we belong

to dynasties spread in time

nowhere that our kins have met

nor in love or war.

must'nt that be a point

which tears us apart

even the mughal akbar found her

jodha that she was

a conquerer that he was

from far away lands.

but in all his glory

fades that he at my castle.

because i am the true prince

out to conquer one.

many times has that one been

only to falter at the steps