Chapter 6

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Anna's POV

OH MY GOSH!!!! Only 1 week away until camp! I'll finally get to see my beloved Fairy again! In exactly one week, I will be spending all my summer with Fairy at Century Farms! This camp is only the best thing ever! Wow. I'm gonna see Fairy!!

Liv's POV

I'm so annoyed. I had my lesson at Sunset Hills, and the place was nothing like it was on the website. They had no lesson horses that were trained fully, so I ended up riding a green horse. I almost fell off. The horse didn't listen to my cues and cantered straight into the rail. I have a HUGE scratch on my leg from it. Not. Fun. I'm NOT going back there! So, I saw that the farm next to us, Century Farms, is having a rescue horse camp, and my mom thinks it could be fun, and it's most likely the only way I'll be able to spend time with horses this summer, so I signed up for the WHOLE 5 weeks!! I hope it won't be like, you get to brush and pet the horse and that's it. I'm excited though. Anytime with horses is a little slice of heaven. Ahh.

A/N: so I did a mini chapter with Liv and Anna in it. They will probably be the only other characters that I will do besides Mel. I'm not sure though. Hope you like this mini chapter. Thx bye!

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