Chapter 2, Natsu's Thoughts

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Natsu felt uneasy for the rest of the day. He kept thinking to himself.
Why? Why am I feeling so uneasy about this? Sting is a good guy. Why do I feel a little disappointed that she said yes to him...? I feel...rejected almost...
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Meanwhile Lucy was getting ready for the date. "How's this, ebi?" Cancer asked.
Lucy was in a daze and didn't answer. "Eh, Lucy?"
"Huh? Oh sorry. Yes this is fine. Thanks Cancer." Lucy replied.
"Are you okay, ebi?" Cancer asked worriedly.
"Yes I'm fine! Just thinking."
"Okay then. See you, ebi." Cancer disappeared just like that.
"Yeah...I'm okay..."
"Natsu!!!" Lisanna called while running toward him.
"Oh Lisanna. What's up?" Natsu said turning toward her.
"Nothing much. Say Mira-neesan and Elfman-niisan are going on a job with me. Wanna come with?"
Happy looked at Natsu as he smiled and accepted. "Great. Then I'll see you at 6:00!" She smiled then left.
Natsu thought to himself. Maybe this will help me feel better. Maybe I'll stop thinking about Lucy. But why does this not feel right.....
"Natsu...." Happy said sincerely, then started giggling. "You liiiiiiikkkkkkeeeeeeee Lucy~ pfffftttttt."
"What?! Happy! She's just a really good friend! I don't like her!....right?...."
Lucy is just my friend....I don't like her more than a friend right?...Natsu thought to himself. She's just really pretty....and her eyes sparkle....and she's really weird....but it's cute....but I don't think of her in that way...Do I?
Lucy finished getting ready and took a deep breath. The Sting knocked on the door.
"Hey Lucy. It's Sting."
Lucy opened the door and found Sting looking really handsome. "Ready?" He smiled and held out his arm.
"Yea." She smiled, but she felt a strange emptiness in her heart. What is it? She wondered.

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