She Will Be Loved - Chp 24

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Chapter 24


The word rang in my head repeatedly. Cynthia was missing...Jonie didn't know where she was. Slowly, I felt the blood leave my face and my stomach clenched tightly. How could they have lost such a dangerous person? Allowed her to walk freely about in society when she'd already proven to be such a threat? My first thought, when my mind came back to its senses, was Emi. That girl had gotten to my baby once before and I didn't doubt this time would be any different. The Private School was high on security but she was that much better.

"I have to go." I couldn't stand around in some bathroom knowing that Cynthia was off where my best hope could not find her. It would be beyond negligent and I wasn't prepared for the consequences.

"Slow down, Kai, that might be what she wants." Immediately I was gripped at the arm and yanked backward. It was one of those times I couldn't be sure whether Jonie was looking at me or through me and this left me even more unnerved.

"I can't slow down! You don't know where she is! You're the only one who would know where she is—but you don't which means everyone is in danger, Emi is in danger. Christ, we could all be in danger standing in here now no matter what fancy tech you place on the door." My chest heaved upward raggedly but I couldn't seem to catch my breath. This was a disaster. It was all falling apart at the seams and for once there was no turning to Jonie for her master plan. She wouldn't pull me through a couple halls and take me to some grand room where she showed me that everything was gonna be alright. She couldn't even manage a calm look anymore and that was frightening.

"Okay, whoa, slow down. Is someone going to start explaining this to us or are we just gonna have to stand here listening to you go back and forth about the world ending?"

We turned to Destiny, blinking as if we'd forgotten she and Shyla were still standing there. Perhaps it was better they be left in the dark. Too many people were already involved and with something like Cynthia, things could take a turn for the worst at any minute. As much as I didn't like them, it was hardly fair to get them involved. Not to mention they might only prove to be a hindrance. We were already screwed; we didn't need them weighing us down further.

"You're a frickin' Data Carrier, why don't you try figuring it out for yourself for once instead of waiting for a hand out?"

Jonie had lost her patience, the threads of her sanity were unravelling further and that would do us no good. I sucked in a deep breath. "There's serious trouble, way worse than a few pictures circulating around the school. It's probably for the best you don't get involved—"

"I think we can decide for ourselves whether we want to get involved or not. Just tell us what's going on."

I shot Jonie a wary look, not convinced we needed them knowing anything at all but she disregarded it, locking eyes with the enemy. "An old friend's back in town and she's even less happy than I am about new people swearing into this Data Collection business. It's a way of life afterall and the only way of living. She'll never get rid of me because I fit into her old model—the way things used to be but I'd make myself scarce if I were you too. Not that I think it will help much. Once she wants you gone, you're gone. It's only a matter of when." Her gaze fell to me once more. "I won't let it happen, you're here to stay and it's time she come to accept that."

I nodded slowly. It didn't make me feel any better but it was nice to hear it anyway. For the briefest moment I found myself wondering about my mother. She'd always been hung up about being the one to kill me. In the end, who would have won; her or Cynthia? No doubt the girl was impressive but my mother had certain ways about her that often had people pausing to wonder.

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