Just in time

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Then they cheered loudly to all athletes on their team busy for the track and field, basketball, soccer and the rest of the games. Minda smiled widely as he winked at her while vying for the final run. Rolly was well built, tall and masculine, the boxer they call him, and all the more gorgeous enough to catch the attention of a beautiful transferee on the cream class. He's on the third round for his 2,400 meter run. Representing Sophomores, he had a very good distance and winning edge among all other runners he had on field. She thought of giving him a cold bag of water to at least refresh him but all her classmates are alongside the field lining up like school of ducks following their master, she couldn't go near him. Then she started to doubt if the wink was for her since she's got five more ladies giggling at her back and waiving and cheering as he passed them by nearly reaching the finish line this time.

He just looked so sincere and thoughtful- she thought. She finally got up started shouting for him as he nearly reached the yellow line and all the five ladies at her back were caught unprepared with what she just did. Bianca was the name when she overheard another lady who said: "Bianca who's that bitch? Isn't she the transferee we had last last month who's the rival of your Rolly your love your darling so sweet? " She never mind them and enjoyed cheering all the more when their eyes meet as he turned to look at a distance to acknowledge the tiny voice cheering. He gave that humble smile then gazed down low as if showing her it was something he won just by chance.

She remembered the same gaze and humble look the first time they met at ceremony. She was nearly late and could have been caught off guard when he saved her as he asked the officer in charge who was his neighbor to let his girlfriend pass. That man in uniform gave them both a teasing look with disbelief. She did not thank him and gave a stern look instead but still she got inside the gate rushing in line before the commander gives his command for attention. This is like one of the hassles she hated in this public school. Taking a lot of time forming in line and a lot of ceremonial march and shout and all those routine they untiringly do e-ve-ry-day. Before she reached her line she remembered the man who saved her morning in biddle list for late-comers and so she smiled at him with sarcasm as they part ways. He murmured as if something syllabic until she realized that could be his name- Rolly.

How can I go near her if Bianca is around and we're just nearly a month over and she just told me that she realized she made a big mistake for our breakup - Rolly thought as his gaze was fixed at her like a child clapping and cheering but then he withdrew the look when he realized it was Bianca at her back. He do not want Minda to be tied up with any chaos along with those group of gangsters. He clearly recalled when she thanked him the next day at the canteen after he saved her from the officer in charge who almost locked all of the late comers outside as they heard the final bell for the flag ceremony to begin. She was a transferee and belonged to the cream class. He realized it as she halted, gave him a smile of dismissal and turned to fall in line with the other students while he has to continue with four more rows before he can reach his teasing friends asking him how he was acquainted with the lady.

Day after the please-let-my-girlfriend-pass scene, they exchanged smiles at the canteen and had a good bit of time chatting. Minda realized it's been two months since they've become friends and a month now when he became her suitor, or she thought he was. She knew the unspoken rule of study-first policy they had at home and she loved her mother so much she don't want to dissapoint her. Minda realized even if she will not have any commitment, she will still get to enjoy his company. Such sympathy when they chat and such a fun-loving person he is, she thanked all the days he would wait at the entrance gate to walk her home. At least that's how she felt it is, fact is, she's with her friends and he's with his friends and there goes gals and guys marching their way home, thanks goodness it was a long way home :)

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