Shades From Beyond: Excluded and Included

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        Eric Gricius is a bitter man who is the owner of a prestigious law firm called Gricius Law. His place of work is his personal empire for a workaholic like Gricius. Over the years, he is the one person that every person at the law firm looks up to. Eric had a wife named Lilly and a son named Lance who had died in a plane crash seven years ago. Eric had one family member named Kevin Gricius that was always looking out for his big brother. In a way Kevin was the one human that had always stood by his side. The both of them had a deep love for sports and they had been both tremendous football and baseball athletes in their youth. After they both had graduated and landed very good jobs their parents died one year apart from each other. That was a big blow for Eric since his grandparents did not want anything to do with his father Robert and for Robert and his wife Helen Gricius their lives were to aid their boys in life with anything that they needed.

     Recently Eric and Kevin were playing chess when all of a sudden Kevin had a heart attack and ended up in a coma. Two weeks had passed since the only person that Eric cared about was laying in a hospital bed. Eric took his frustrations out on his employees. There was one employee named Denzel Thompson that had worked there for over 8 years yet he always kept calm and collected. Denzel kept mostly to himself about his personal life and he did not have any single photograph of any family members or of himself in his office which Eric thought was quite odd. He later found out that Denzel had spent many years in foster homes before he found the right set of parents. One night while Eric was working late he noticed that he could not leave the building where he worked and there was no one around. He tried using his cell phone yet all he heard back was what he said on his cell phone and on every single phone in the building the same thing happened as well. Eric could see that the television set in the building was working yet they were all playing an old Bill Murray movie which was titled Scrooged. He then proceeded to try the computers in the building yet none of them could connect to the Internet so Eric could not reach anyone.

         Eric then proceeded to go to the elevator to go to the first floor of the building. In an instant Eric felt that the elevator was not moving up or down, but that it was moving to the right. At that moment, Eric felt a sense of dread and then out of nowhere water was flooding the lower part of the elevator. Eric was at least a bit relieved that he knew how to swim since his mother Helen had taught him how. As most of the water was filling the elevator Eric was pulled under the water by an invisible force. As he went under the water Eric then felt that he was let go and he found himself when he emerged on a big pool of a big building. Eric also noticed that he had lost his cell phone.

       Eric got out of the pool and as he was dripping wet he analyzed his new unexpected surroundings. Eric carefully walked around and was looking to see if any of the doors were open and to his surprise one of them was open and he walked out into what appeared to be a lot of wilderness and and one normal road. When Eric reached the end of the road he saw that there was a huge concrete black wall that covered everything. When Eric touched the wall it gave him an electrical charge which knocked him out. When Eric woke up he was back at the law firm building. As Eric rose to his feet he was still soaking wet and as he walked forward with caution to see that his office was nearby. He went forward and saw a professional notebook which had written in black ink: "My client told me that he escaped The Crimson Red Roads." Eric was puzzled by those written words and when he flipped to the following page Eric was taken aback as he read what it said in the page which was: "It is time for your brother Kevin to die." All of a sudden, a bright light came from the professional notebook and took him to Kevin's hospital room. Eric saw that Kevin was still in a coma and then he saw that the door to Kevin's room opened up by itself and then closed by itself. Eric saw the form of a ghostly hand that was approaching his brother Kevin and Eric positioned himself in front of the ghostly hand and told it to take him instead of his younger brother. After saying those words the ghostly hand vanished. Moments later Eric proceeded to look at his brother and told him that he would always look after him and to be a better person. In an instant a blue light emerged and engulfed Eric.

      After that happened Eric was back in his office and he proceeded to call the hospital where his brother was. He got word that his brother came out of the coma and that he was going to recover. At that moment Eric decided to leave his office and then he saw that on the other side of his desk his cell phone was there and it was absolutely wet. Afterwards, Eric started to treat all of his employees much better and he eventually grew up to become an uncle to a fabulous little girl named Kate as his brother Kevin got married to one of the nurses of the hospital who was named Dawn Addams. After work Eric hung out with Denzel Thompson who from time to time volunteered to serve food to the homeless at a homeless shelter that was run by his friend Gary Gibson.

                                                                       The End

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