amzy's pov

i was standing in my balcony thinking about how my life is going to be in 3 days!  yes 3 days ! its been whole months and again i  become the heartless person like i use to be ! no feeling ! no emotion ! i only went for the office work or on shoots ! or else i don't leave the house ! maa and papa are not happy on my decision but this decision is not for me ! i didn't show my self in front shehry ! we bearly see each other in this freakin month ! we become strangers from best friends ! zayyan went to pakistan for the wedding arrangments ! sain left for new york when mona's wedding ended ! my life from carefree became a mess ! 

i tried alot to talk to shehry but everytime i tried he ignores me or left the place ! today is my ubtan ! who knows what gonna happen! i broke from my thought when i heard a knock on my door "come in pleasee !" I said without turning !

"Emm amsal ? " i felt like my heart break into many pieces when i heard shehry's voice . i closed my eyes and put a hand on my heart ! "Hmmm " i hummed and he again spoke back " are you happy with this wedding ? " i want to scream out that no i'm not ! I'm never gonaa be ! But instead i noded my head !

"Sb chahte hain k tm ek dafa sochlo ! " he added and my eyes pooled up and i reply him back " main ne soch k hi faisla liya hai! Ab is faisley ko bdla nahi jaa sakta ! " my voice cracked at the last word but i manage to speak normal .

"Pata hai is ek mahene main bht bhula dene ko koshsh ki magr main nahi kr paya ! Mjhe nahi pata is se tmhen koi fark parta hai ya nahi ? Magr tmhare liye pyaar main apnd dil se nahi nikal sakta ! Mjhe mauf krna but i still love you and always gonna be ! " he said and left the room !

"I love you too " i said and felt my knees weak ! I fell on my knees and cried my heart out !

"Kyun khuda kyun aisa kiya? Kyun sb bura hogaya !? Kyun? "

Zayan's pov

I knock on the door and ruksana opened it ! She signaled me to come in i walked in and saw aunty afreen and uncle asif sitting in the lounge all tensed idk why ? I bid my salam to them ! I climb the stairs and was about to knock on the door when i heard a manly voice ! I stand behind the wall ! and what he "but i still love you and always gonna be ! " and then i heard foot steps coming towards the door i hide my self behind the flower vase ! i turned back to her room i saw amzy whispered "i love you too" she fell on her knees ad cried her heart oout ! 

amzy loves shehry! and shehry loves amzy then why is she getting married to me ? ia hai aise baat jo tmne chupayi ? kyun kr rahi ? aj hi sarey sawalon ka jawab lena hoga ! warna agey ja k hum dono k liye mushkil hogi !

i came in the room and she was on her knees crying ! i whisper her name "amzy ? ye kia halat bnayi hui hai ? kia huwa ? " i know why is she crying but i want to hear it from her self ! she didn't reply but she cried her heart out ! i hold her jaw lines with my hands and make her look in my eyes ! "amzy mjhe btao main kuch thek kr paun ? " i said > she looked straight in my eyes and said "zayan ab kuch theek nahi ho sakta !"

"yoou loves shehry? " i asked ans her eyes widened ! "mjhe bata sakti ho yad hai hum relation se ziada best friends they ! " she nodded her head and i smile weakly my eyes pooled up ! and i again speak up "phir mjhse shadi kyun kr rahi ho ? kyun shehry ko nahi bata detin k tm us se pyaar krti ho ?".

she sat on the floor and and looked down ! some tears drop on my cheeks and i was confuse why is this all happening? " kbhi kbhi hum itey majboor hote hain k apno k liye apni khushi k liye apko apni khushi kurban krdeni parti hai ! main shehryaar ko pyaar krti hun! aur  kismat a hel dekho zayaan ! k wo dono bhai mjhe pyaar krte hain! main un dono k beech duri nahi barha sakti! un dono k achey k liye main ne ye faisla liya ! " .she said and my heart cracked i cried and she looed up at me and hugged me tight and whisper in my ear "aur mjhe yakeen hai k tmhen ek ho jo mjhe khushiyan de sakte ho! is liye tmhen chuna main ne zayan !".

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