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two days later

as i opened my fridge i realized that there was no more bread to make sandwiches
"great" i mumbled

i quickly put on a light green crewneck shirt with a white pollo shirt underneath and slipped on my black jeans and boots
"just gonna run into the store and i'll be back in a bit" i said to myself as i grabbed my keys to my motorcycle and wallet

my garage opened as i put on my mask and helmet
"here we go" i said as i turned on my motorcycle and began to speed down the driveway

the store was pretty much empty— almost like a ghost town
"wow.. lucky me i guess" i thought to myself as i went to the bread isle
a tap on my shoulder caused me to turn around
and my eyes widened when i saw who was behind me
"hey dream" george said with a slight smile even though the smile was underneath the mask—
i could tell that he smiled at me

"o-oh.. hey george—"
i paused

noticing a little critter resting on his shoulder
as i looked closer i saw it
a beautiful green butterfly with a hint of blue resting on his shoulder
it didn't fly away—
it didn't move away from him—
it just rested on his shoulder

"u-umm, george you have a butterfly on your shoulder?"
i said

"oh! so you noticed my friend—
i found it the next morning after i gave you my number—
it just came up and rested on my finger"
he says with a smile

i felt my heart skip a beat.. almost like.. i found it

"so it's your pet now? what did you name it?"
i asked

"yeah it's my pet now, they haven't left my side since that night—
it's a little strange but eh.. i love the company"
he says as he pets the butterflies wings with his finger tip

i would hate to admit it to myself—
i would really hate to admit to anyone—
but this guys is so fucking cute—

"well anyways— it was nice seeing you dream" he says with yet another smile as he waved goodbye
i just stood there dumbfounded for a few seconds until he turned around once more and faced me
"by the way—" he began to say
"feel free to text me whenever you'd like, i gave you my number for a reason"
a seductive came from him as he slowly turned around and walked out of the store

i shook my head and went to grab the bread from the top shelf
when something came to mind—

"He never told me the name of the butterfly"

as i arrived home a few hours later the golden hours light rested on my face as i sat on my windowsill with the window open
letting the fresh breeze in

i rested my hand on my eyes and sighed to myself as i remembered that seductive stare george gave me earlier
"god what is wrong with me.. have i gone nuts? he's my neighbor and for gods sakes he's a guy!"
i groaned

as i sat up and hopped off the windowsill i walked downstairs where i had crumpled up that paper with georges number
i opened it.. and there it was— his number just casually resting on the white sheet of paper
i sighed and bonked my head on my counter
"i must be out of my mind.."

i pulled out my phone and put his contact into it
sighing at my decision
"what could possibly happen" i said to myself
i pushed the imessage button and typed in his contact name and pressed the type message button
and began to write the one sentence that's been running through my mind all day

" Hey george.. it's dream,
i was gonna ask you at the store but you had to go but, what's the name of your butterfly?"

i took a deep breath in and held it in as my thumb hit the little arrow to send a message
i let out a big sigh as i saw the message say "delivered"

"guess there's no turning back now.."
i mumbled

i awoke to a strange sound at my window
it sounded like a small tap.. but how? i was on the second floor of my house?
my feet swung over the bed as i saw it was still nighttime
stars still shining and the moon illuminated the ground below

as i looked out my window i saw what was making that tapping noise—
it was a rock

i opened my window and saw the one person i would never expect to see at a time like this
it was george
"george?!" i exclaimed as i opened my window
"what the hell are you doing in the middle of the night?!" i exclaimed

he didn't have his mask on.. his face was so.. mesmerizing
it was not what i thought it looked like
he was handsome—
he is handsome—

"mind if i come up?" he says from the ground

"how?" i said back

he smirked and began to climb the tree right on the side of my window
my heart was racing as he got closer and closer—
finally he was right in front of my window, i offer my hand out to him and he takes it as i help him into my room
"w-what are you doing here?" i said quietly

"you messaged me didn't you?—
that's why i'm here" he replied

"y-yeah but, i messaged you about your butterfly not—"
before i could finish my sentence he pushed his finger to my lips


he trails his finger down my chest—
he placed both his hands on my chest—
he pushed me onto the bed—
he crawled on top of me seductively—

"george.. what—"

"it's okay dream.. i know you've been thinking about me—
so just relax—
i'll take care of you" he says in a whisper and a smile

i didn't do anything.. i just laid there expecting his lips to touch mine as he got closer—
and closer—
and closer—

a loud ringing filled my ears as my eyes shot open
i looked around looking for the source of the sound i heard
and i realized it was my phone alarm going off
"so.. it was a.. dream?"
i mumbled as i blushed and gently rubbed my lips with my fingers remembering how real the whole thing was

but something else caught my eye
there was only one message displayed on my phone screen..

a message from george

|| To be continued.. ||

he really said
"think about this duck fucko"

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