Entry #5

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The End,

Sayaka Maizona, the ultimate idol has just been murdered. Just as Monokuma (a.k.a the real Junko) wanted. Everyone is distressed, what would sis do in a situation like this I wonder? I have to do something, but I also have to make it believable. Like I'm really one of them. So I took a deep breath, and put on my best annoyed smirk,

"Are we seriously gonna let ourselves be bossed around by a stupid stuffed bear?" You honestly expect us to do such a horrible thing as to disrespect our dead classmate and friend by holding a trial when we should be bowing our heads? When we should be remembering her?!?!" I snarled so fiercely I even surprised myself. The bear simply giggled. Unsure why it bothered me so much I took action, and in a swift motion sent Monokuma's face crashing to the hardwood gym floor. "All we gotta do is take this freak out and we're good to goo right? It's not like he'd actually kill any of us" she sneered looking upon the shocked and horrified faces of her classmates. " All acts of violence against the headmaster is strictly forbidden!" Growled the Monokuma from underneath the teens foot. Suddenly out of the blue several large spears emerged impaling the Mukuro in various places. Pain show through me like an arrow, I was unable to comprehend what had just happened. And with that she uttered her final words. W-wha-at-t.... T-thi-is c-can't-t b-be... Mukuro dropped to the floor. And as her consciousness slowly drifted away, she had but one thought:

Dear Diary, I'm dead.

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