We all know John Watson. A army doctor who fought in Afghanistan! (deduced by Sherlock)

Also we know that he married Mary. Even though that isn't her real name...

But what will come of The Watsons?


We all know Mary is pregnant in Sherlock! We already saw Mary's baby bump growing, so in season 4 Mary must be on the verge on giving birth.

I can just imagine Sherlock trying to help.... *daydreaming*

Anyways, maybe Mary, John and the child can all help out with future cases! Or she could have been faking the pregnancy the whole time, as Sherlock did deduce that she was a liar.


Mary was on the run, which we know from the last episode of Sherlock in season 3. Maybe her spy people find her and she is taken away or is forced to leave the country because of this leaving John on his own :(


John's military life could come back to haunt him *OOOHHH*


I had never thought of bringing this up, until lydiapalmer221b asked the question.

Mary could be involved with Moriarty secretly. Even though it seemed that Mary didn't know much about him, there is a possibility that she may be involved with Moriarty.

After all, I didn't think it was a coincidence that Mary met John after Moriarty died, so when John needed someone to love the most.




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