S3 Chapter 35: Super Z! Royal Achilles!!

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*The next day came and Bella and Rangara were training hard in the Sparking Arena as they thought about the battle from the day before*

Bella: Athenas bey was shattered like glass yesterday by that monster.. I know she'll get stronger and come back with a bey that can really take it down..

Rangara: Everyone is getting incredibly strong while i'm starting to fall behind again, i can't let that happen.. i still need to get my revenge on Main and i will defeat him, i don't care how long it takes..

*Adeline leaned against a nearby table and watched the 2 battle*

Adeline: They both seem so tense from yesterday, i guess Adeonas destruction motivated them to get stronger.. i guess that's the only good thing that came from that event..

*Time had passed later and eventually, familiar faces began to enter the room. Valt, Aiga, Shu and even Lui had returned.*

Valt: How's it been you guys?

Bella: Valt! Shu! Lui?!

Shu: We all saw the battle between Athena, we came as soon as the battle was over.

Lui: That guy.. he has no right infringing on the integrity of the fundamentals of Beyblade.

Aiga: I had actually arranged for them to come here because the wbba has found out the location of Supreme Prime. It's an ancient castle in the far reaches of Japan.

Rangara: How far away is it?

Valt: 80 Miles. It's high up in the mountains and it's a pretty rough walk to get there.

Bella: Is Main there?

Shu: The Wbba anticipates he won't leave that place. Any challengers who want to battle him will have to travel to Supreme Prime themself.

Bella: So when are we going?

Aiga: Not anytime soon unfortunately, we all need to get stronger in order to get even remotely close to his level. If we faced him in the position we're in now, we're all going to suffer the same fate Athena did.

Bella: I see.

Aiga: Athena is creating a new Adeona as we speak, and when we're strong enough and when she's ready.. then that is when we set out to Supreme Prime.

Bella: Alright then, let's get started!!

*Aiga smiled and held up his new Achilles and it shimmered in the light*

Bella: Y-You actually created one?!

*Aiga nodded as the bey began to give off a red and gold light*

Aiga: Yeah, this is Royal Achilles.

Bella: Royal Achilles..!

*Royal Achilles had around the same shape as Infinite Achilles with out any Sword or Shield and the face of the Achilles motif was horizontal and front facing. Its metal swords were curved but also hooked so it could land fierce attacks. It had a Wheel disk and its driver was Metal Xtend+*

Aiga: Before i take you on, i'll take on Rangara and Adeline in a battle royale.

Rangara: A battle royale?

Adeline: Both of us?

Aiga: I'm confident i can blow both of you away in just one battle, the battle is tomorrow so i'll give you some time to train.

*Aiga and the other legends left the room and Bella was left shocked at what just happened*

Bella: Well that was interesting.

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