Entry #2

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Dear Diary,

Just as I thought, those spineless weasels know their place. And I was able to easily assassinate the General. Honestly! Talk about weak, here I was ready to fight to the death and what does he do? He stabbed himself! How the heck did a guy like that even get into the group let alone become the leader of it! Well whatever. I met my sister Junko today, her blond hair and blue eyes every bit as vivid and bright as when we were kids. One thing I wasn't expecting though, is that she managed to take over the entire city of Tokyo along with 15 others who she calls the ultimate dispairs. I gotta hand it to her, I was impressed. For one girl to have that much influence is amazing. That's not all! The reason she wanted my help was because she was messin with some students from that fancy ultimate talent rich kid academy thing. Hopes Peak-something or other. Her classmates to be more specific. Technically mine as well, but I never really showed up to class. The only day I ever DID show up was the last day, and not even all the students were there. So I never knew that my own sister was in my class, as the ultimate fashionista no less! I never knew anyone really when I think about it, except for Mondo. We were always cutting class together. So I had no problem helping Junko out with her plan. In a way I'm sort of glad, because now I feel much closer to my sister than I probably ever would have if we'd met back then. I'm happy.

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