Chapter VII: Recovering time

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Previously on the demon slayer story...

Tanjiro: How do you even spell that!?

Inosuke: Huh? I-I don't know how to read and write! That name was written on my pants!-

As soon as he finish his sentence he froze confusing everyone.

Zenitsu: Huh? What's wrong with him?

Boy: I guess he froze?

Tanjiro: To Inosuke. What's the matter?

Next thing happens Inosuke fell down on his back unconscious.

Y/N: This can't get any weirder....can it?

The scene then faded to black and we now see everyone making burial site who were killed in the demons mansion. Except for Inosuke who's laying down still unconscious. Tanjiro and Y/N were chatting while they're carrying rocks.

Tanjiro: So that's where you met Inosuke, during the final selection.

Y/N: Yup, we were sparing on who's the strongest until a demon got in our way. After that, he went to look for other demons to kill. Zenitsu did mentioned that he was the first to rush in and out of the final selection.

Zenitsu: Nervously. He can be scary when he wants to fight.

Suddenly Inosuke woke up and started to shout as if he gain full stamina to fight again. He started to chase Zenitsu until Y/N knock him out with a rock and he fell unconscious causing Tanjiro's eyes widened.

Tanjiro: Why did you do that Y/N!?

Y/N: I panicked! I thought he was gonna kill us!

Inosuke woke up once again and saw all of us burying the dead.

Inosuke: What are you guys doing!?

Tanjiro started to explain what they were doing and he also told Inosuke to help but he still wanted to fight Tanjiro instead of helping them. Zenitsu and Y/N couldn't believe that Inosuke still wants to fight and Tanjiro notice something wrong.

Tanjiro: Oh I get can't help because your wounds are still hurting you.

you can't help because your wounds are still hurting you

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Inosuke: 💢...Huh?

Y/N & Zenitsu: Confused. Wait what?

Tanjiro: Hey its alright, we all have a different pain threshold. Carrying the bodies from the mansion and then burying them cost a hard work.

Inosuke: 💢💢!

Tanjiro: Smiles. You get some rest while the test of us do our best so don't worry.

Kyoshi: He doesn't get it...

Tanjiro: Smiles. You should get some rest, I'm sorry to ask you too much for help.

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