Louis Tomlinson Imagine- First Fight

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       You and Louis have been out on a "romantic" date and you two are walking home

                                                                    In the car..

Y/N: Thanks Louis. It was pretty fun

Louis: Sure.. Anytime

                                                          Your Point Of View

Louis was acting like he didn't "care" about you as much. But its been 2 months since you two were dating

         Louis stops the car and tells you to get out and come to his window so you do as told. But as you are going around the car, when you reach the back of the car- almost at Louis' window, he leaves. He leaves to you two's house. you had to walk up the road to get to the mansion.

You are at the at the mansion in about 40 minutes because its high on a hill..

Y/N: Louis?! Why'd you do that? I had to walk about 40 minutes!

Louis: Y/N, I don't really care. Ok? Geez

Y/N: Louis are you ok?

Louis: Y/N just go ok becaus-


Louis: i don't know. I got lots of 'em. Name one..

Y/N: The problems with me! Tell me!

Louis: Ok then 98% of my problems are you

Y/N: Rea- Really? W- Wh- What did i d- do?

Louis: Well, I'm cheating on you

You feel tears escape your eyes without permission

Y/N: W- what does t- that have to d- do with m- m- me?

Louis: You are bugging me because I have someone


Louis: Ugh.. It would be best if you left.

Y/N: Leave?!??

Louis: Well, could you?

Y/N: M- me? Oh yeah sure. Just remember- WHO ever you are with, they will never EVER love you as much as I did.

Louis: Sure. Ok bye.

Y/N: And I hope "she" was worth this

                                  You say pointing to you and Louis' chests

Louis: There was really NEVER a "this" ok I had enough. I demand you to get out.

Before you could do anymore, you kissed his lips knowing that you will miss him and ran out. And when you were out, it was raining. You had more than 2 hours to go to your best friends house. So you grabbed your phone and decided to call Harry so he could give you a ride. But then- you were shocked. The message read:

You dirty little whore. I hate you SO fucking much. I hope you get hit by a car or fall down the hill or something. You are the biggest asshole, cunt, bitch I've EVER met. That's why you are so ugly, useless...

You could not believe who the message was coming from.. It It was from.... from Louis. You were heart broken you threw your iPhone 5 on the ground and it shattered on the ground because it had no case. You picked it up and thew it again- hoping it was broke. But it ' you heard your phone go off. It was Harry!