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"The truth is that everyone's going to hurt you, you just have to find the ones worth suffering for."- Bob Marley

Evangeline's P.O.V.

For the whole car ride all I did was sit and stare out the window. Scooby rested his head on my lap, taking up the entire row of seats. Louis was driving and Zayn sat beside him in the passenger seat. On the other side of the van sat Niall, Liam, and Harry. They all tried to start conversations with me but I only shrugged my shoulders.

Before I knew it we were stopped in front of the flat building that I have visited before. The van door slid open and I slowly got out, one hand clutching my ukulele and the other knotted in Scooby's fur. We walked into the building, me making sure to keep my eyes glued to the floor, and made our way into the elevator. As soon as we started going up, horrible elevator music started playing. I sighed internally and looked at the buys, their hair had changed. Liam had a buzz cut, Zayn had a blond highlight, and Louis had something equivalent to a quiff. It looked good on them.

I focused on Harry and saw him staring at me intently. I wasn't sure how to respond so I just raised an eyebrow at him, silently questioning him.

"What does the word on your other wrist mean?" Harry asked, his pretty green eyes soft with concern. I looked to where he was pointing and sighed. I really did not want to explain this right now. I searched my brain looking for something to say but I came up blank. I sighed and decided to just avoid the question.

"Look it up." I mumbled. I returned my gaze to the floor and the rest of the way to the flat was silent. Even Scooby.

"Hey Angel, I know that what you're going through is hard but I just want you to know that we understand." Liam said as we entered the flat. Well that came out of the blue. I wanted to laugh because of what he said.

"Liam, I get that you're trying be nice and understanding, but how can possibly understand what I'm going through? Did your parents beat you and tell you how useless you are? Did they ship off to strange country with no money and no where to live? Did you find trust and friendship in a man you came to think of as your father and have him betray you in every way he possibly could? You have no idea of what I'm going through." I ranted, venom filling my voice. I stared at the floor once I realized that my big mouth had just told them all my feelings, which was not something I'd wanted to do. I finally had the courage to look at them and regret filled me as I saw the hurt on Liam's face.

"I'm sorry. I know you're just trying to help." I apologized and awkwardly walked up to him, stiffly putting my arms around him. He squeezed me and I pulled away, nervously looking at the ground. Someone was going to get mad at me for that, I'm sure.

After a few seconds I thought I was safe but then I saw the hand raising up.

Louis' P.O.V.

I immediately brought my hand back down from the move I made to hug her when I saw her flinch like that. She jerked away from me, her head ducked and her eyes squeezed shut. The poor girl was trembling with fear. God, I can't imagine what made this girl so scared that she flinched at the movement of a hand.

"Er... Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." I apologized awkwardly, rubbing the back of my neck. She straightened up a bit and nodded her head slightly. Scooby stood right next to her, as if he were protecting her. Her fingers sought out his neck and she buried her fingers in his fur. Her eyes stayed down, not daring to look any of us in the eye.

"So let's show you to your room." Harry said in an awkward attempt to end the silence.

"Okay..." Angel murmured, eyes still glued to the floor. We led her down the hallway to the room with her name painted on the door. What if she didn't like her room? What if it was so horrible she cried? Thousands of worries ran through my head as I reached for the doorknob to show her the room. The boys all awkwardly tumbled through the door, not sure who to let go first. Angel gracefully followed behind them and all my fears were crushed as I saw her face transform with wonder. Her mouth circled into an " o " and her pretty blue eyes sparkled with delight. Scooby ran past her and circled around the room before plopping down by the bed, as if he approved. I had to admit, we did pretty good with this. The color theme was orange. The walls were a light creamy orange while the duvet was white with orange swirls and was topped with pillows of all different shades of orange. She had an off white desk in one corner and a tall bookshelf full of books picked out by ourselves in the other. She had a medium sized closet that as of right now was empty. She gently set her backpack and ukulele down and ran her fingers across her bed.

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