Mini Chapter(Party) (SAMPLE)

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DISCLAIMER: this is supposed to be before the last chapter, a mini chapter

Christine's POV

"CHRISTINE!!!!!", I heard my name being yelled from down the hall. I turned around to see a sorta unusal face, it was this girl Jennifer from my english class. I never really talked to her, so I wondered what she wanted from me. I walked towards her. "You are invited to my party this saturday", she said. "It's BYOB". "BYOB?", I replied. "Bring Your Own Beer, silly", she said with a annoying voice. "Will you be able to come?", she asked. "Good, wear something slutty, makes the boys crazy", she said with out letting me answer.

I walked over to Jimmy, were he was putting his stuff away. "Hey are you going to Jennifer's party on saturday?", "I don't know are you going?", he asked. "Yea, she just invited. She told me to wear something "sluty". I said in a mocking voice." Umm I dont know it seems like fun." I added on. "Yea, I guess I could go", he said in a sort of somber voice. "Great, I'll see you on saturday, I'll be the one in the slutty dress". I said. We both smirked and I walked away.

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