WEBYS - Chapter Four

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I found my chapter plan! WOO-HOO!

I actually have a whole house to myself (almost) so I have SO MUCH time to write today - though admittedly I did fall asleep for a bit... whoops. Oh well. Next update should be Let the Games Begin!


::With Every Breath You Stole::

Chapter Four:

Autumn grimaced, scowling to herself slightly as she pushed the sunglasses she'd worn this morning further up her nose.

Lucy hadn't failed to hold up her promise of telling Autumn 'I told you so' this morning when Autumn had emerged from her bedroom, looking as if she'd been dragged through a bush.

"Not helpful." Autumn had responded though her regret.

And Lucy had let out a small grunting laugh, clearly not suffering as badly as Autumn, but then again she hasn't drank nearly as much as Autumn had the night before either.

Autumn hadn't planned on drinking quite as much as she had — but she hadn't anticipated for Wesley showing up, even though he'd been more of a partier than her by far three years ago, the chances of him turning up there of all places had seemed too bloody unlikely for her to worry about.

But she should have factored in the fact that her and lady luck were far from being on good terms and sods law seemed to have it out for her.

So all in all she was in a bad mood this morning, especially since she had to spend a majority of her day having Wesley taking pictures for the article.

"Just a couple of weeks." She muttered to herself under her breath.

She tried to let that be enough to sweeten her mood as she forced a smile for all the pictures being taken. At least she wasn't alone. Some of the kids were there, and all of the workers.

She had enough to do to keep her busy, which helped distract her very little from the fact Wesley was so close.

Her eyes kept somehow making their way back towards him, and each time a dull aching throb would begin in her chest.

She could feel herself growing more and more bitter each time it happened.

The most horrible part though — the part she really wouldn't admit to if asked — was that she'd noticed just how close Bernice and Wesley seemed to be. And even though it was unhealthy and weird and most definitely not okay seeming as it had already been three years since she and Wesley had broken up, a tiny part of her — a horribly bitter part of her — hated it.

She couldn't stand the sight.

So she was trying her hardest not to look.

"Autumn." Autumn jumped half a mile in the air when she felt a hand land gently on her arm.

Whirling around on the heels of her feet, she placed a hand to her chest as she tried to calm her surprised heart. "Bloody hell Luke! You gave me a heart attack!" She half cried, at Luke who was stood behind her, a small smile lifting the corners of his lips as he watched her with soft blue eyes.

"Tut, tut, tut." He reprimanded. "Language Autumn."

Even though he said it in a joking way, there was some seriousness behind his words.  Working around children it was part of Autumn's job to curb her tongue.

"Sorry, Luke." She apologised her eyes scanning around to see if any of the younger kids were close.

Luke gave her a reassuring smile. "Don't worry about it. I came over to see if you were feeling all right. You seem off today." As he spoke the words his eyes flickered over towards where Autumn knew Wesley was standing.

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