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" round 1 "

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Tevin and I sat on my porch, smoking and listening to music. His kid, Kadence sat in Bre's lap while she did her hair. It was hot as fuck outside and wasn't a damn thing going on either. I really haven't been doing shit with my life since Savannah left. She was my motivation to actually want to make it out here. Now that she's gone, I just don't care no more. Hearing her voice a few months back was heavenly, but the words she said just tore me up inside. She didn't want anything to do with me. All I wanted was to make things right with her, maybe get her to come home. But, that definitely wasn't happening now.

She was everywhere now. At every store, her face was in magazines. She was on tv, and on the radio doing interviews. Never in a million years would anyone expect Savannah to be this big.

Tevin put out the blunt and I leaned back against the wooden steps. Bre finished Kadence's hair and she teetered over to Tevins lap. I smiled some and started thinking. Savannah and I had plenty of conversations about having kids. I wanted them but, she didn't. I've always wondered what our baby would like. Who's eyes she would have, stuff like that. I'll probably never know now.

"Aye man," I said. "How it feel being a father?"

"I ain't never heard you want to ask me some shit like that." He chuckled. "But, it's a good ass feeling bruh. The way her eyes light up when she see me makes me feel all good inside. She got my personality but Kyla's fucked up attitude sometimes. Even though I can't fucking stand that girl, ima always respect her cause that's my baby momma.."

"I was just thinking about Savannah.." I sighed.

"Aw hell, here we go." He groaned. "That girl don't want you. She got a new nigga according to what you told me, and she famous now. What makes you think she's still gone want to be with you?"

"Maybe if we see each other and talk, she'll be willing to let me in or something.." I suggested, scratching the back of my neck.

"You know that's not gone happen." Bre chimed in, going back in the house.

"Get ya girl Tev." I sucked my teeth.

"She's right though Zo." He shrugged. "She ain't gone show you the time of day."

"Whatever. You'll see.." I brushed him off.

"Anyways nigga, I got a little photoshoot job going on downtown. You wanna ride down there with me?"

I nodded and stood up off the steps. Tevin just jumped into this photography hobby. He never seemed like the type but, now he really likes it. He kissed Kadence's cheek and took her inside with Bre. He came out to the car a few minutes later and we headed downtown. When we got there, he shook hands with the lady he was gonna be taking pictures of. I sat in a chair in the back watching. I was honestly bored out of my mind.

While Tevin was snapping pictures, I stood up and started walking around. I went down this long hallway and turned to my left. While turning around the corner, I bumped into this dude. He was a little darker than me, buff, and had a bunch of tattoos. He had a Burberry baby bag on his shoulder and a bottle in his hand.

"My bad bruh.." I said first.

"No it's alright." He brushed his shirt off. "I was just rushing and not paying attention."

"Baby duties huh?" I faked a laugh

"Yeah." He chuckled, then walked past me, down another hall.

I kept walking around, just burning time. I stumbled into this room where another photoshoot was being held. A lot of people were in there, including the dude I had just bumped into. I even noticed what looked like Savannah's stepmother, Regina. Whoever was behind the camera must've been doing a damn good job because everybody was super excited. Finally, the girl came from in front of the camera and hugged the photographer. She had long copper colored weave that came down to her butt, and was wearing a yellow dress that exposed a little of her skin on the sides. She knelt down to a baby carrier and picked up a little baby girl out of the carrier and placed her on her shoulder. I made a couple silly faces at the baby, making her squeal. The girl turned around and my stomach and mouth fell to the floor.

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