The Makeover [9]

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The Makeover


Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, and riches take wings. Only one thing endures and that is character. – Horace Greeley

                                       Rosalie Johnson

"What is it?" Davis asked curiously as I continued to stare nervously at my phone. Amber was going to kill me! However, I could be just over reacting again, but still! She hated it when I don't tell her things and she definitely hated it when I ditch her for someone else. I could already picture what she would look like, and it wasn't pretty.

"It's nothing," I muttered, and I turned off my phone, sliding it into my pocket. I could deal with her later. Right now, I just needed to focus on this date. I looked around the area, and eyed a couple that were kissing, and not in a creepy perverted way. It was just hard not to look when someone was full on kissing someone else in the middle of a crowded area. I hate when people did that. Don't they see there was little children?

I shook my head, and turned my attention back to Davis, who was staring attentively at me. Blushing a deep red, and turned my gaze downwards to the table. Oh my, what if there was something on my face? Unconsciously, I rubbed at the corners of my mouth trying to wipe whatever food might be there.

"I like watching you," Davis said suddenly, which sounded kind of cute, but creepy at the same time. Then again, I was talking about a guy who wore a hoodie over his face 24/7, even on hot sunny days. Laughing at my own mental jib, I took a long sip of my soda.

"So how was New York?"

I pursed my lips, not sure what to say. I had a lot I could talk about, but the only thing that kept popping into my head was discovering who Davis was due to his twin brother Ashton. What else could I talk about?

"It was good," I finally settled for, but the lopsided grin on Davis face told me he wanted more than just a simple answer. I puffed out my cheeks and racked my brain for something interesting to say. "The photo shoot was fun. Your brother was nice," I grinned. "The lady who did my hair and makeup as a bit condescending on my looks, but she did an awesome job. Robert was pretty hyped about the shoot too. Said he couldn't wait to put it on stands." I smiled at the memory. It was definitely something I would never forget.

"Really," Davis said as he reached over to grab my hand gently into his. "I can't wait to see what it looks like. When is it on stands?" he asked.

"In two and a half weeks, I'm not sure."

"Well I'm going to buy on, you know, to support my girl," he grinned.

My heart fluttered when he said 'my girl,' but it was at that point when I realized I had to set some boundaries.

I pulled my hand gently out of Davis's clasp, and set mouth into a deep frown.

"Christopher," I started, all playfulness gone, "as much as I would love to be your girl, I barely know you. I think we should go on a few more dates to see if we really like each other first," I stated. He nodded his head with smile on his lips. However, it looked quite strained, and at the moment I wished I could see he his beautiful stormy grey eyes. I wanted to see his true emotions.

"Alright then," Davis said as he took a bit of his fries, and reached for my hand again. With my hand in his, he began to play with my fingers before he started asking more questions.

"What's your favourite TV show?" He questioned. I pursed my lips and thought about it for a moment. I liked a lot of TV shows, so asking which was my favourite was actually a tough thing to answer.

"Can I say two?" I asked, lifting up to fingers though it wasn't necessary.

"Sure, why not?" Davis shrugged, as he pulled my hand to his lips and kissed it. He may look creepy with the hoodie and all, but damn, he was sweet.

"Uh, Vampire Diaries and Suits."

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