My Ghetto Life Chapter 9

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Travis P.O.V

Kayla is crying, I hate to see her cry, ever since we were little


I walk into NGC, my school for the next 4 years. Im excited but then again Im nervous. I put down my north face bag and take off my custom made fitted. I feel good in my burberry school shirt with my custom made polo school pants and my Jordan 11s cool grey vintage.

I sit fown for a minute though thinking about how I havent seen Kayla over this whole summer, she had gone to her uncle in California. I start thinking about how to tease her. Kayla is the ugliest girl I know, well atleast in this school, were friends and everything but I cant just let a ugly girl be friends with me and not cut her ass thats just not me

I go to the water fountain and look who comes in Ms. Kayla. My mouth drops open, Kayla has got her hair straightened, she has gotten rid of her glasses and contacts, she made them green so she looks exotic, and shes got braces that are colored purple, my favorite color. She has on her polo with her aero school skirt and mini heels, she also has the purple north face that makes her looks so pretty.

She sees me and walks over. I open my arms wide. She leave sme hanging and just says hi and struts to the classroom, I stare at her, o gosh she is so fine!

Kayla P.O.V.

I walk into NGC knowing I look good, I finally got rid off my glasses and permed my hair, even got my braces. Im so happy! I look flee too I know Im going to run this joint these 3 school years. I walk up the staris thinking how I miss Travis, I went to Cali it was fun but I kept missing him.

I reach the top of the stairs if it isnt the famous Travis, he looks up and his mouth drops open. I laugh to myself silently. I walk over and say hi but Im like naa. I strut off to class I know hes staring just like I wanted him too.

Travis P.O.V

DAMNNN! Shes bad now ;)

*end of flashback*

Kayla has cried herself to sleep like she naturally does, I quietly drive home thnking, I just might marry this girl shes all Ive wanted since day 1.........

:) I was in a writing mood alot of drama and romance coming in the next few chapters

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