Chapter 21~ Eavesdropping on Gaara

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Gaara's POV

It's finally time. I entered the hospital, and all the workers were out to lunch. Perfect.

I saw the pink-haired girl, Sakura Haruno, at the front desk. She didn't even notice my presence. I found the room with ease. Rock Lee, that pathetic Leaf ninja. It's your time to die.

Sending some sand out to kill him, I felt someone else's presence.

Suzume's POV

I remember Sensei's voice after he banged on the door.

"You IDIOTS! Didn't I tell you not to let him out of your sight for a second?"

It started panic with Temari and Kankuro, but I had a feeling I knew where he went.

* * *

I don't know how Naruto got into the hospital, but he was there, Shikamaru visiting him. I stuck my head in to say hi, then left to go find my brother. I finally saw him, looking terribly unstable as he sent sand on top of Rock Lee, trying to crush him. He grabbed his head in pain.

The worst thing was I couldn't stop him. He would literally kill me if I tried to save Lee. A shadow cast over me, and I turned to see Shikamaru and Naruto. Shikamaru got Gaara under his shadow possession jutsu.

"I-I-I can't move my body," Gaara mumbled to himself, trying to move his hand, only producing a twitch. I wanted to help him, to get him out of there, but I couldn't. It wouldn't be safe for me, Shikamaru, Naruto, Lee, or anyone else nearby.

I trembled as I heard Naruto scream, the sound of his fist coming into contact with someone.

"AH!" Shikamaru told Naruto that because of his jutsu, any damage done to Gaara is done to himself. Fine by me!

"What were you going to do to him?" Naruto demanded.

"I was going to kill him," Gaara said simply. I like his honesty.

Shikamaru asked Gaara if he had some grudge against Lee. "It's not that complicated I simply want to kill him, that's all." Gaara said. "If you don't get out of my way I'll have to kill you two as well."

Naruto said something about how my brother may act like a demon, but Naruto has a demon in him. Hah he doesn't know a thing about him. Or us. During my moment of silence I hid in a janitor's closet, and used the Third eye to spy on the three of them.

"Demon, huh? Our demon is as real as your is," He knows I'm here? I froze. He knew I was here the whole time? "Suzume and I."

They gasped, and listened, their eyes widened in horror as Gaara told them our life story.

"From our birth our upbringing wasn't what you'd consider a happy one. To ensure I became the strongest of shinobi, my father had cast his ninjutsu on me, infused my unborn self with a sand spirit. But they didn't know what was to come. I destroyed the life of the woman who gave birth to me. I was born a monster."

The eye showed me Naruto's shocked expression. Shikamaru trembled in fear. That's not the beggining.

"It's name is Shukaku, and is the living incarnation of an old monk of the Sand Village, sealed in a jar of tea."

"Some kind of demonic jutsu," Shikamaru said. "But to use it on a baby? Before it's even born? Man that's creepy. Gee, a swell guy your dad must have been. He really must have loved you a lot."

Love? Don't mention that to Gaara. All Naruto did was stare at Gaara, his eyes two orbs of blue.

"Don't measure us by your standards." He hissed, mantioning that he doesn't have any emotional ties to anyone but me, everyone else's ties are the ones he 'wraps around their necks'. "We were raised and nurtured as the salvation of the Village. But because I showed more strength in the beginning I was the one with the responsibility. We were the Kazekage's children. My father taught us the innermost secrets of the shinobi. He pampered and protected us, and left us to ourselves. For a while I thought that was love. That was when everything started." He looked directly at Shikamaru and Naruto.

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