MGIAGF: Give Me My Bead Back

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Chapter 7

Jack was quite taken aback from what she had said. But he still went inside the bus. When he looked at the window, he saw her still glaring at him. Her emerald eyes were full of anger.

He quickly looked away as he shook his head. 'Is she really crazy?' He thought. He looked at the window again as she vanished.

His eyes widened as he looked further for her. But she's already gone. He didn't know why, but he felt nervous. So nervous.

He hastily sat down as he tried to get her off of his mind.

Anyways, his plan was to go to Merida and Once-ler since he doesn't want to stay with his uncle right now. He'd rather stay at his school's gym than with his uncle.

Merida's family was friends with the administrators of the school so it's no problem.

After a few hours, the bus had finally stopped. While he was walking to the railway station, he couldn't help but feel like someone's following him.

He looked back and saw no one. Was that crazy girl following him? He shook his head as he closed his eyes. 'No, no. She's only a crazy person.' He thought, opening his eyes as he walked to the train station.

While he was on the train, he saw a woman with golden hair and wearing a white dress. He was shocked but when the woman flipped her hair, he saw that it wasn't her. Phew. Damn. He almost had a heart attack.

Few minutes later, he's finally walking towards his school. But still, he felt someone was still following him.

When suddenly, someone grabbed his shoulder.

"Agh!" He shouted as he turned around. It was only Once-ler and Merida.

"Hey. Are you okay? Why are you walking so quickly?" Once-ler asked while Merida rolled her eyes.

"Can't you see, Once? He's guilty of running away from our trip!" Merida accused him with her strong Scottish accent.

His eyes widened as he glared at her. "Excuse me?! First of all, I'm not guilty! And second, I didn't run away!" He nearly shouted at her.

She shot a glare back at him and was about to shout at him when Once stopped them. "Whoa, whoa, guys! Stop! Calm down okay? The important thing is, Jack's finally here. So calm down okay? Come on, let's go inside." Once-ler said and finally, the two calmed down.

When they went inside, Once gave him a backpack of his clothes. "Here, Emma said to me to give it to you. She suggests that you stay here because your uncle's still mad at you." Once-ler said.

Jack smiled. His sister really knows what he's thinking. He's lucky to have a good little sister like her. "Thanks, Once."

"Mer, why don't you get the keys now?" Once asked, looking at her. The redhead rolled her eyes. "Fine. But don't you dare trash this place." Merida said, turning to Jack.

The white haired boy shot a glare at her. Once sighed. "Mer, could you just please?" He pleaded, giving her his best puppy eyes.

Merida held her chuckle at Once's "puppy eyes". He kinda looks cute. "Fine. Gotta go." And with that, she left the two alone.

"Hey, man. What happened to you?" Once asked as he sat beside him.

"Uh.. the bus accidentally left me." Jack said. Well, it's really the truth. But he wants to say to him about that crazy girl incident.

"Woah. Sorry man, didn't notice it. I thought you were sitting at the back. Even the teachers didn't notice." The black haired boy said apologetically.

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