Birthday AU

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Glass Quarry//Parttime Boyfriends

A beautiful sunrise stretched out across the horizon, painting the water banks the same royal purples, deep blues, and crimson reds as the California sky. Remington stood on the balcony of Tetsuo's flat, looking out at the undisturbed serenity of the cityscape. It was as if the world was holding its breath, like the city slumbered and only he was awake to see the hidden beauty of daybreak. Remington wore, as per usual, polka-dotted pajamas, but his hair was done in curlers that Tetsuo had begged him to try. He had stayed the night on Tetsuo's couch, though Remington was fervently offered the bed, and had woken early to see the dawn.

"Awake already?" Remi felt small hands slide around his waist, and the weight of Tetsuo's head resting against the small of his back. "I hope the couch wasn't too uncomfortable."

"Not at all. I'm just mornin' spirited." Remington responded, his thick Texan accent and soft smile enough all on their own to make Tetsuo's face heat and heart throb.

"Well happy birthday, Remi!"

Remington blinked in surprise. Growing up in the red parts of Texas left little room for celebration. He was as well known as his parents' names, and that brand left scars deeper than the eye could see. It had been a long while since he was Remington to anyone, and even longer since he was Remi.

Remington turned to face the other boy, who tried to hide his flushed cheeks with his long hair. Almost on instinct, Remington reached out, brushing Tetsuo's bangs behind his ear and causing the younger boy to turn an even brighter shade of red to match the sunrise in front of him. It had taken a long time for Tetsuo to feel comfortable around Remington, and longer still for their relationship to become as effortless as it was now.

"I got ya' something, Su." Remington murmured quietly, so as not to disturb the perfect picture of Tetsuo against the skyline.

"I-it's your birthday! I should be getting something for you." Tetsuo spluttered, a flustered rebuttal that made Remington's smile widen.

Remington walked back to the couch on which he had slept, and from the cushions carefully removed a box tied with a ribbon. It was slightly crushed, and he felt a little embarrassed, but he offered it to Tetsuo regardless.

With careful hands and slow movements, Tetsuo opened the small package. It was a keychain, and attached to it was a little polka-dotted bear and a single key.


"I know the witch's rule. I, uh," Remington felt his own cheeks heat up, "I wanted you to be able to enter my apartment without my permission."

Tetsuo's eyes locked with Remington's, shock evident on the smaller boy's face. Remington scratched the back of his neck, a bit embarrassed.

"It's silly-" He started, sheepishly.

"It's not! It's- it means everything to me."

Remington glowed. He desperately wanted to speak the words that floated in his head, the 'I love you' that had never been given voice, but he worried he'd scare the other, so he kept to himself. He was pulled from his thoughts by Tetsuo's words:

"Can we be part-time boyfriends again?"

Remington's eyes lit up and he nodded.

"Good. Then I can give you your birthday present."

Before Remi had the chance to open his mouth and respond, Tetsuo's lips were against his, and Remington found himself falling in love all over again.

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