S3 Chapter 31: Advent Of The Goddess Of War!!

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*Adeline picked up her bey and started to walk away, the group watched as the blader disappeared from sight*

Bella: That Shield Athena... it's so amazing..!!

Athena: For a bey named after me, it definitely is strong.

Lane: Yeah no, it's not named after you.

Athena: Come on damn it! Let me have this!!

Rangara: Well it kicked my bey-behind so there's that.. gotta hand it to her, that bey of hers is incredibly well made.

Bella: It really is something else..

Athena: Well we cant challenge her yet, Maybe she'll challenge other bladers and defeat them too, in the meantime we should take what we know and analyze Athenas every detail.. Still very weird...

Bella: Do you think there really is a weakness in it?

Athena: It may have great defense but it has to have a weakness in it somewhere.

Bella: I'm going after her.

*Bella took off running and Athena tried to go after her but she was long gone.*

Athena: B-Bella!!

Lane: Well... Too late now.

Rangara: Did she not heed my defeat? I got creamed by her and she has the guts to challenge her after seeing her power? Sometimes i just don't get what goes through her head.

Athena: I have no idea and i don't think she knows either.

Lane: Well what do we do know?

Athena: Wait til she gets back i suppose, no telling how long she'll be gone.. but knowing her, she'll be just fine.

Lane: Isn't she always?

Athena: Yep. She is.


*Bella had searched every crook and cranny of the streets of Japan and couldn't find Adeline anywhere, it was like she had just vanished*

Bella: There's no way she could've gotten that far in a short amount of time.. just where did she go?!

*Bella eventually checked the last place she could've checked and that was the Sparking Legend Tour Cruise Ship but she didn't know that yet. The ship now acted as another place where Bladers could train and it was even used for small scale tournaments*

Bella: Maybe she's in here?

*Bella headed onto the Cruise ship and she looked around for Adeline but still no luck, she eventually made it into the Arena where so many incredible battles had taken place in the past.*

Bella: Not here either..

*Bella had given up and she stood out on the harbor and watched over the sea as the water clapped against the walls*

Bella: Where? Where on earth did she go? There is no possible way she got that far in just a short amount of time..

*Athena checked in the last place she could possibly check and that was the Sparking Arena where so many intense battles had taken place, one in particular was the infamous Athena VS Lane battle that had taken place there years prior. It was still a very historic and one of the most intense battles the world had ever seen even in present day*

Bella: Maybe she is in there, i give up if she isn't here.

*Bella ran inside and the group had eventually caught up to her and Athena looked around at the surrounding area*

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