Real World Scenario

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The transmission I have began now — a shadow of the real world in 1996; as I knew it now as I am on the verge of turning twenty. The real world around us, some pretend that these don't exist but in reality they try to talk with one inside cyberspace.

"Okay the question is this? Can a ghost — someone who was live like you or me haunt cyberspace?"

Well I don't know as H. G. Wells or Jules Verne neither explored both ideas — but damn it's something to think about is it. I know how much real life can be disturbing but when you look at somewhere like Lombard, Illinois, the real world that keeps itself under lock and key because they don't want to admit they can be the subject of something covered in a movie about ghosts over the years. Where ghost stories became more plausible on film and the question is — does one see cold spots in horror films where the victims of slasher films return and haunt where they die?

Has anyone ever played with the idea?   Who knows — real world scenarios I guess, or a realization that we're in a reality seen within The Outer Limits if written by cast members of Are You Afraid Of The Dark?   I know there might be an idea there as I published a short story from the show.

"Wait are you saying you published The Monkey's Paw?"


When looking into suburbia — I know Rod Serling might have looked at Lombard, Illinois, at some point and thought of a possible Twilight Zone episode lingering around in there. A transmission where everything is controlled by the vertical or horizontal; where our world around us is good as screwed.

The questions and realizations everyone covers their ears over, "I pretend I don't want to hear this."

Don't want to hear what, truth — knowing the area we grew up around has a history no one likes to even think about or imagine? I can imagine those who ran my old high school's newspaper screaming, "We don't want real hard hitting news stories like you read in Chicago Tribune or The Daily Herald, all we want is to blow a bunch of sunshine up someone's ass."

"We don't want to read about what would be a Gothic tale!"

"Gothic tale? This is real life pal, you're in Chicago — you will find Resurrection Mary appearing in people's apartments.,"  I laughed — the very real thing about Are You Afraid Of The Dark except all of us are or were in our twenties and not putting out a campfire when someone goes "The End."

We either go off to our shift work or going to the gas station where one's best friend works."We don't want to read about a dead body where their eyes are open — especially when they are 16 years of age," I guess we're the true generation behind the 1990s version of 90120 — the real ones who are born in that era. When you're a 20 year old — the very real shit stood outside our door; the window that Stephen King penned about as we look outside it and report what we will see or have seen.

When you realize you know the history of an area where a movie was filmed — the very real location of where the eventual remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street was filmed, Barrington, Illinois, was where I first ghost hunted. And like the cast of the 1990s version of 90120 they had actor's my cousin's age who is a JFK baby trying to play a generation X'r. It's not convincing enough — though watching Eerie, Indiana. I related to him because that seemed like my real life when uncovering gang activity and finding a cemetery in a village where it's named for a living person.

I am sure that Joe (Dante) who I am in touch with had an idea for that from driving around Carol Stream, Illinois.  When you were a twenty-something and the same age as Fred Savage — who lived in one of the Northern Counties of the Chicago collar counties. How did my step-dad know that Fred Savage was born in 1976? When real life for my generation becomes more and more like the fucking Twilight Zone as years pass and seasons change.

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