Chapter 1

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Sebastian pulled Arielle in his arms, gave her a soft peck on the lips, and whispered softly in her ear, “I’ll be right back baby, miss me…” Following Annabel’s scent, he darted toward the corner of the country club.

Sebastian tracked Annabel carefully, trying to remain calm while anger and loathing filled his lungs. Tonight he was determined to kill Annabel; he was committed to ending this part of his life and ridding Arielle of Annabel’s relentless terror. He was willing to die if that’s what it took to make sure Arielle was safe. He was responsible for pulling Arielle into this frightening world of immortality. He was responsible for making her live in constant fear of a crazy immortal woman’s unwavering desire to kill her for vengeance. Sebastian was now ready to end it all one way or another.

The skies were clear and the moon illuminated the night. Sebastian made his way through several miles of the club grounds at an inconceivable speed and when he reached the end of the property line, his sharp immortal eyes caught a glimpse of two people way in the distance. One of them was Annabel. The other was a man, but he couldn’t see his face. His sense of smell became stronger as he grew closer to them and his nostrils were filled with their thick immortal scent. They were running next to each other and seemed to pause for a short second, taking a look back and scanning the darkness carefully. Sebastian crouched behind the wall that surrounded the property line and watched them intently. They seemed to be satisfied that they weren’t being followed as they turned their heads and started to run in a slower pace.

They ran for quite a long time through the dark streets of Brighton and Sebastian followed at a safe distance, guzzling down fresh air to help his thoughts remain on the right path. He wanted desperately to end this tonight; he didn’t want her to slip away like she did back at the cemetery in St Jean De Luz. Suddenly they stopped running and remained totally still. They had reached the edge of a park that stretched for a couple of miles ahead and ended in a large square surrounded but beautiful homes. They scanned around them carefully one more time and, finally, they began to cross the manicured lawns of the park toward the square in slow strides. When they arrived at the other side of the park, they stopped again, and they seemed to carry a short dialogue. Then the man turned and darted toward the opposite direction. Sebastian never had a chance to take a good look at him, but he wasn’t interested in the guy right now. Annabel was ready to step into the square when suddenly she paused at the curb and looked back, piercing through the dark.

Sebastian held his breath, consumed by an uneasy feeling that Annabel realized she was being followed. He hid behind a large tree trunk on the other side of the park with teeth gritted, filled with resentment and loathing for this woman who had created total chaos in his life.

He waited patiently in high hopes that tonight this part of Arielle’s nightmare would be over. He wasn’t going to let his anger guide his actions this time around. He needed to find out who she was working with and what they were plotting.

Annabel stood completely still for a short time, as if she was contemplating whether to move forward or to abort reaching her destination. Sebastian took a long breath of relief when he finally saw her crossing the square and taking a little side street for a couple of blocks and stopping in front of a small house.

She again scanned the area around her carefully before she reached up and pressed the button at the gate twice. The lights came on and Sebastian’s immortal hearing picked up a young female voice on the intercom asking the person’s name. Annabel gave her name and immediately, a tall, young girl came running out the door and across the garden, taking the padlock off the gate. Sebastian could unmistakably hear their conversation while they were still outside.

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