Chapter 1

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Waking up at the sound of chirping birds, Y/n Claes, second princess and daughter of Duke Luigi Claes and Duchess Millidiana Claes, looked outside the window of her room and smiled

Seeing the bright sun beaming in to a clear blue sky, the girl had a feeling that today was going to be a great day

Hopping out of bed she quickly got dressed into her usual F/c dress with brown heeled boots before heading towards the living room to eat her breakfast 

Much like her sister, Katarina, Y/n was known to have a good appetite. So when she entered the room and saw all the delicious food on the table, the girl couldn't contain her hunger and gobbled down almost half of it

" Lady Y/n, how many times am I going to have to repeat myself..." A woman with short brown hair in a maid outfit walked into the living with an discouraged expression " You need to wait for everyone else to arrive before eating as you are not the only one hungry in the morning"

" Swarry Anne" the girl said with a mouthful making the maid chuckle

" Good morning!" A very cheerful blue eyed girl exclaimed upon entering " Did everyone have a good night rest?"

" I did, Lady Katarina" Anne smiled 

" And you Y/n?" 

" Absolutely!" the girl gave her sister a thumbs up " What about about you? No bad dreams or anything?"

" No, nothing " the girl sat down at the table next to her sister " I think I was just to exhausted from yesterday's work in the garden that my mind didn't have the energy to make me dream"

" Speaking of garden, do you perhaps want to help me? I've managed to get my hands on some pumpkin seeds and thought we could plant them together"  

" I would love to, but maybe later in afternoon " Katarina answered while piling up some food on her plate 

" Why then?" you raised a brow in confusion

" Have you forgotten?" the girl chuckled " We promised to have a reading session with Sophia about a new novel she recently got interested in"

" Oh shoot!" you slapped your forehead " It totally slipped my mind. What time did we agree to meet?" 

" At exactly 10 am, lady Y/n" 

" Wait 10 am...." the girl glanced at the antic clock on wall " But that's in ten minutes!" she shrieked 

" Exactly, which means that you both have to leave right this instead " Anne opened the door to the hallway " A carriage is already waiting for you "

" Thank you Anne, now come on Katarina" you grabbed you sister by the wrist making her drop her croissant 

" Wait! I haven't finished eating" she whined

" We'll probably have plenty of sweets during our reading session so no need to worry" you said while running to the front door 

" Oh I hope Maria brings some of her delicious pastries" the brown haired girl could feel herself salivating at the thought of having a cookie or anything baked from her friend in her mouth

" I'm pretty sure you can count on that "


" Maria as usual your pastries never seize to amaze me" Katarina hummed in delight " This is so good!"

" I'm happy to hear it, take as much as you " the blond woman offered 

" How about we all take a small break to eat and rest our eyes? " you suggested to which everyone in the room agreed 

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