Chapter 4

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I could feel myself shaking my head before she could even finish her sentence.

"Why us?" I asked, my brows furrowing. "Couldn't you send someone else?"

Joan shook her head with a frown and glanced at Zack again before looking back at me. "No, it has to be you three. You guys are the oldest and most skilled out of all the teens here that have been at Ace's previously. It wouldn't be fair to send someone from Alex's group like your roommate."

I could still feel my head moving back and forth as I looked down at my shaking hands which were resting in my lap. So this is how I go out? On a mission to potentially fight off some creatures from another realm with little to no hardcore training?

"Well, what happened to the groups before us?" Matteo asked.

"I assume you mean the ones who had been at Ace's?" Matteo nodded his head and Joan looked back down at her clasped hands. "They were all killed in battle. You're all that's left other than the five that had arrived recently."

"Cazzo." Matteo ran a hand down his face and then slammed it against the table. "Are you sure it has to be us? Couldn't you just send someone who hasn't been there?"

Joan shook her head again. "No, that wouldn't be fair to put someone in a place that they don't know. At least you guys know a little bit of the layout of his place and so it should be easier for you. And if... they happen to be there, I would hope that you'd know where to hide."

Matteo shook his head as he pushed himself back in his chair and looked up at the white ceiling. "This is fucked."

I noticed Willow was remaining silent and peaked up at her to see that she was staring intently on the table between us, her mouth open slightly like she was having a hard time wrapping her head around all of this information.

Joan sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose with one of her hands. "I know that this may be... frightening, but we can almost guarantee that the Feymon are no longer there."

"Almost?!?" Matteo asked, wide-eyed and utterly astonished.

I looked back up at Joan, my brown eyes meeting her blue ones. "And what if it's a trap? What happens if that's what they want? What if they're there and attack us? Kill us? There would be no time to hide if they sneak up!"

"If that happens you fight back with no fear, and it will also not just be you three alone. I have ordered a few older people to be going with you guys, so there's nothing for you to be worried about. But once again, if by any chance that happens, –if they do happen to be there and attack– just hope that Zack trained you well enough to keep you alive. If he hasn't, then just be at peace with the possibility of your death."

"Mother," Zack said warningly.

I could see his hand form a tight fist on the table as he stared at Joan, throwing daggers with his eyes right at her.

She sighed and pushed herself up into a standing position, acting as though she hadn't even heard him. "There are some things that have to be done right now." She looked down upon Zack across from her. "You know what to do to get them ready. They leave in two hours."

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