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"Hyung, hajimayo." Chen said as his eyes stares at the guy on the corner named Minseok.

The latter looked at him with those pair of sad eyes, longing was visible and it makes the former's heart ache. Chen watched him as he puts down the picture frame that he was holding, "Chen-ah, I can't help it." Minseok said.

Chen slowly shook his head, "You're just hurting yourself," he mumbled as he sits next to him.

The older leaned his head over the younger's shoulder, "I miss him,"

And the younger couldn't speak. He misses him too, the one Minseok was talking about, but he couldn't deny that he is hurting right now. First, because he left them. Second, because his Minseok hyung is hurting for he was left behind by the one he loves. Luhan hyung. It will always be Luhan hyung for Minseok hyung, Chen thought.

And that's something he wants to change.

Chen swallowed some air, "He's not coming back, hyung. Let's just move on." He stood up, slowly walked towards the door, "It's time to eat, I cooked for you." Another sigh escaped from his mouth as he steps outside Minseok's room. He thought it will be his chance to be noticed by his Minseok hyung, not that he wanted them to split up since their relationship was something to be envious of. Even he didn't know that it would come into this, Luhan leaving without a word.

He was just surprised when his Minseok hyung called him one afternoon with his voice trembling saying three little painful words, 'Luhan left me'. He immediately ran out of the cafe where he works, heading to the couple's house. His sweat was dripping off his forehead, hands were on his knees because of exhaustion, his heart was racing fast because of nervousness, and he was panting hard because he just ran his way to their house. He licked his lip and wiped his face with the apron that he was wearing as his uniform, before ringing the doorbell.

The door opened, slowly, and he saw the great Kim Minseok with his puffy eyes producing precious tears as they slowly fall down on his face. He hugged him to his chest, repeatedly telling him that everything will be alright.

That moment he knew, he has to take care of him. He has to take care of Kim Minseok.

He sat on his usual chair and waited until Minseok was fully seated. He placed some food on Minseok's plate and poured some juice in his glass before he served for himself. His weary eyes noticed how the other keeps on glancing at Luhan's chair which is just in front of his. He mentally shook his head. How long has it been again since he left? He asked himself. 11 months. It has been 11 long months. And it's also been 11 months since he started living in that house, trying to show Minseok that someone's still here for him. He doubts if Luhan will ever come back because if he will, he should've been there with Minseok by now.

After so many weeks, Minseok told him something that shook his whole world. "Chenah, let's make us work."

His mouth parted and he couldn't even think of a proper word to explain what he was feeling that time. He bit his tongue, proving himself that what's happening is no longer a dream but a reality the feels like one. But he still acted like he doesn't believe that what the older said was true, "What are you saying, hyung?" He chuckled, feeling awkward and nervous at the same time.

The older held his hand and looked straight into the younger's eyes saying, "I said let's make this work, for real. I want to make us work. Maybe, maybe Luhan's not coming back anymore and I want you to help me move on. I hope it's not too much to ask, Chen."

The younger didn't respond, he just looked at Minseok's eyes, admiring the sincerity in his eyes, making him fall deeper into him.

"Because if there's someone I want to fall in love with, it must be you, Chen. So please, let's make this work." Minseok is secretly wishing that Chen would say yes. He woke up this morning and realized that Luhan is not coming back. Minseok was asking himself why he was waiting for someone who did not even bother leaving him a note or telling him that they were over. Luhan just left him like a needle injected in his arm, slowly, silently and painfully.

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