chapter 60

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Taehyung had explained his current life situation to his father who was shocked to come to know about Taehyung's two boyfriends and a handful of other admirers who were after his heart.

Yet he offered to get into contact with Jungkook and Yoongi so they could come to see him after Taehyung requested it. The blue-haired boy was grateful for it, and saw this offer as a peace making.

Baekhyun had told him that he was a dealer of secrets stayed out of the gang life most of the time so none of them were his enemies, but he still wished for that to stay this way.

Taehyung still didn't fully trust his father but time would heal his wounds. Now, he only wished to be reunited with his boyfriends. And even Hoseok and Jimin... maybe...


"Tae, Baby, are you okay?"

The first thing that welcomed Yoongi's and Jungkook's presence inside the room where the two mixed shouts of worry. Their bodies followed the words shortly and together, they stormed towards Taehyung and forced him into a bone-crushing hug.

Taehyung sighed, finally relaxing in the arms of his boyfriends and he closed his eyes with a smile before nuzzling into their touch.

"Tae?!", the shocked gasp of his name caused Taehyung to open his eyes once more, seeing his father standing in the entrance to the living room, looking surprisingly timid. It had been Jungkook's shocked call.

"Yoongi, Jungkook... this is my father. Byun Baekhyun", Taehyung introduced them after a moment of silence, his father shooting him a shy smile before walking closer.

Baekhyun had wanted for his son to meet his boyfriends alone plus he felt like he didn't have the right to interfere between them. After all, he only found Taehyung now, he didn't have the right to forbid Taehyung something.

"The secret keeper?", Yoongi asked, eyes fixed on Baekhyun who nodded.

"Well... I like to have my hands on every dirty little secret you gang leaders might have", he replied back, glancing over to Jungkook who was frozen in his spot, hands protectively lingering over Taehyung's waist.

Then, a flash of realization moved over Jungkook's face and his eyes widened. He looked from Taehyung to Baekhyun ,saw the resemblance in their faces.

"I know you... you've been in Dad's house before!", Jungkook then exclaimed wide-eyed and Baekhyun smiled forced.

"Yes, Hyungwon is my best friend, Jungkook. I couldn't find my son as my ex-wife had hidden him away from me so I asked him to look for him as well", Baekhyun explained.

Hyungwon was only trying to protect Taehyung from the dangerous gang life but the kidnapping of first Park Jimin, then the Kim twins beat him to it. The plan had backfired and Hyungwon had been left to explain to Baekhyun why his son got involved with the gangs when they did everything to offer Taehyung a peaceful life.

Standing in front of Taehyung's father made the lies of his own father seem less relevant to Jungkook. It wasn't his place to be angry but he was secretly grateful it was true. He had a connection with Taehyung that no one could take away from him.

"How did you find him?", Yoongi then asked, making Baekhyun look at him, the other boyfriend of his son.

"You're Min Yoongi right?", a nod of Yoongi confirmed this, "I've been in this longer than you can imagine, I have my ways to find out things. When I heard that Tae was involved with you, I had to make a move to protect him. I intend to bring him away from all of this mess", Baekhyun then revealed.

"Dad?", Taehyung asked breathlessly and surprised. Baekhyun shot his dear son, his precious Baby who was too fragile for this world, a smile.

"You can continue on living your normal life, Sweetie. I can erase your presence from the records and no one will come for you again. If your boyfriends support this decision, we can offer you the normal life you deserve", Baekhyun said and looked to Yoongi and Jungkook who protested.

"You know it's for the best", Baekhyun said, pain visible in his voice. All he ever wanted was to find his son but he was too deeply involved in this world now.

"I don't want a normal life! I want to stay with them. Dad, i love them", Taehyung interrupted his father fiercely, tugging on his boyfriends' arms.

"Tae, this life is not good for you", Yoongi said silently, "did you forget what horrible things happened to you? You got kidnapped, nearly sold as a prostitute, you got shot and hurt so many times, would you really want that life? I love you, Taehyung. So I want the best for you and that is out of this life", Yoongi reasoned.

Taehyung looked like the man had slapped him. "Why are you saying this? You're worth it, you both are! And you can protect me", he said desperately. But Yoongi and Jungkook let go of him.

"We love you too damn much, I love you too much to see you get hurt", Jungkook said broken, finally putting someone else in front of his own selfish wishes.

Taehyung started to tear up. "Stop, stop! Don't say these things, please don't", he cried out helplessly. He didn't care if he got hurt before, he loved them!

"You brought me into this mess! And I know I can take it because I did before! Can't you see that? I love you!", Taehyung pleaded with them, tears already dripping to his cheeks.

"But what if another rival gang gets their hands on you because we love you?", Yoongi asked. Taehyung closed his mouth, he didn't have an answer for that.

But someone else did.

"We can all protect you", a new voice entered the room and Baekhyun jumped back with a curse, hand flying to his phone to call security.

Jung Hoseok entered the room, accompanied by Park Jimin and followed by the Kim twins. Taehyung let out a fearful screech, Jungkook immediately jumping in front of Taehyung to shield him.

"We are the leaders of the other three big gangs and we are all involved with Taehyung", Jimin said, shooting the said male a sweet smile.

Baekhyun was silenced before he could say anything. "We're sorry to invade your home but we come with a peace offer", Kim Seokjin said slowly, glancing at Taehyung who fearfully peaked from behind Jungkook's broad frame.

"And we would like to apologize to Taehyung", Namjoon added.

"We don't deserve forgiveness but when even Park and Jung can change their ways, then so can we. Since these two", a hand movement to Yoongi and Jungkook, "got here faster, Park, Jung and we got to have a talk", Namjoon finished and turned to Taehyung.

"We're all putting you under our protection, meaning you are protected by the five largest gangs in this country. No one would dare to harm you."

"And what do you want in return?", Baekhyun asked suspiciously, while hope bloomed inside his chest.

This way, he could also stay part of his son's life. He just got Taehyung back but this could offer a way where he could stay.

"Nothing. It's Taehyung's decision. If he wants to be with one or some of us, we won't fight or cause a war. It is his heart we're fighting for but we aren't doing that without his consent", Hoseok said with a beaming smile directed at Taehyung who appeared from behind Jungkook.

Taehyung had already made his decision, he wanted to stay in their lives.

"It's up to you, Tae. So, who do you choose?"

But Taehyung didn't have to say anything because the answer was already clear: he had chosen to become... theirs.



Theirs is finished ! Thank you so much for reading and enjoying this story, I really liked writing VxBTS ♡

I know the ending seems disappointing but i started to write theirs with exactly this ending in mind, in order for the reader to make their own conclusions who Tae might choose, because I couldn't.

I didn't want him to end up with anyone specific, because many had great reasons to date him, therefore the open ending.

Anyways, thank you again for following this story and i hope to see you in another book of mine♡♡♡


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