Chapter 4

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June 8 2015

Last week was my last week of school. Cowboy is doing well, and so are the other horses. Only a few more months until Fiona has her foal! I can't wait. Our camp is starting in the middle of July, which is a month and a half away! So far, Buddy, Tucker, Missy, and Onyx are adopted, which is WONDERFUL!!!! Hopefully the horses will continue to get adopted. Our camp is going to be great! We already have five girls who have signed up! We are hoping for around ten campers. That's all for this week, check back next week!

June 15 2015

This week was good. No adoptions, but the horses are coming a long way! We got two new horses, Spirit and Rain. They didn't have names, so we named them because they looked(and act!) like Spirit and Rain in Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmeron. It's kinda cliche, but I like it. We are supposed to pic up a miniature horse next week, too. Hopefully some horses will get adopted next week!

June 22 2015

Ugh, still no adoptions! We got three new horses this week, which is a lot. We got Scout, a tiny palomino mini, Jelly Belly, a chestnut and white paint, and Knight, a black stallion who won't let anyone near him. Cowboy was getting annoyed with the heat this week, but otherwise he was good. Ooh! I was able to get Paradise to pick her feet up for me AND let me clip her! Major score! We gave her a trace clip to keep her cooler, she's got a dense coat. This was a crazy week!

June 29 2015

NOT. A. SINGLE. ADOPTION. Not even a visit! It's killing us!! We got another horse today, a Connemara mare named Sadie. She's really sweet! She's already one of my faves. No progress with Knight. Sigh. Our stables are getting pretty full, yikes! Cowboy and Geronimo are doing good. I go to fair with Heather next week!! Yay!! It's gonna be so much fun. Julie is gonna ride Cowboy for me while I'm gone.

July 6 2015

Today is the day before fair! Heather and I spent all day getting Cloud's stall ready an decorating the front of her stall. It looks great! I can't wait to see what fair is going to be like. Wish Heather and Cloud luck!

A/N: Hi y'all this chapter is kinda different cause it's Mel's weekly journal that she writes in. It's just my way to sum up what happened in a few weeks. So yeah. I won't be doing that very often. Please keep reading and please vote and comment!! Also the next chapter after this is going to be up right after this one so I hope you like that one too! Thanks bye!!

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