How you met.

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You have always been unwanted by your parents, they never cared and never tried to protect you. You're blood always boiled when they would bring up the fact that your old partner R4p3d you and sexually assaulted you. They would make fun of you. One day tho, you had enough. You grabbed a knife and hid it under your shirt.

You went upstairs to go do something when all of the sudden your parents called you. You rolled your eyes and responded with "YES?!" They told you to get your lazy ass on the couch. They started to talk about selling YOUR body to old men.  They said that "it was for your own good" You yelled out "WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU, YOU GUYS DONT EVEN TAKE CARE OF  ME, YOU USE ME LIKE YOUR PERSONAL MAID, AND NOW YOU EXPECT ME TO SELL MY BODY FOR YOUR DRUGS?! I AM NOT GOING TO OFFER MY BODY FOR THAT, HOW ABOUT YOU GUYS START BEING GOOD PARENTS AND WORK FOR YOUR MONEY YOURSELF!"

You instantly regret what you said. Your dad got up from his seat, and walked fastly towards you. You started to run away from him, you remembered you had a knife. You yanked it from underneath your shirt in a hurry causing you to scrape some skin. You hissed in pain and stopped running away from him. Instead you ran towards him jumping of him. He feel to the ground as you stabbed him in the chest.

He said "You're gonna regret this you little bitch..." I pulled the knife out. As soon as I did blood squirted my face. You tried to hold him down as he was trying to get you off. You gripped the knife tighter. As soon as he stopped fighting because of the amount of blood loss,you started stabbing him repeatedly out of anger. Blood started coming out of his mouth. All of the sudden you remembered about your mom. You looked up to see her calling the cops.  She was in tears, she turned to look at you. You made eye contact and then you started to run towards her. You snatched the phone from her and thankfully, you looked at it and saw that there was no service  or internet.

You didn't think much of it as you were thankful. You threw your moms phone across the room. She started to back away pleading for you to stop. You laughed and said "..That's funny you never stopped whenever I asked you too...who do you think you are telling me what to do, you made my life a living hell you bitch."

You then stabbed her repeatedly until she stopped screaming. You had blood all over yourself. You looked down to see your mom. Her face was covered from her blood. She had multiple stabs around her body, you pulled up her shirt to see her stomachs and grabbed your knife. You carved "Horrible mom" on her. You then went up to her face and started to carve out her eyes. You craved out her stomach letting the intestines leak out. You the skin and put it over her face. You grabbed her eyes, shoving them in between her intestines and grabbed the skin putting in where it used to be.

You got up and walked towards your dad. He was near the stair case. You looked him up and down. He was the one with the most stabs. You pulled up your dads shirt and did the same with him, but instead you carved "Horrible dad." You went upstairs to go your bathroom. You took your clothes off in there and washed your face. there was blood all over your clothes and hands. As you finished you went downstairs to put clothes in the fireplace.

You were naked, since you didn't wanna get any blood on your new pair off clothes so you chose to get it after you showered, after all ur parents were dead and couldn't see you. You went down stairs to the fire place and put your bloody clothes in it. You started a fire in it. You grabbed your mom and put her next to the fireplace since she was the closest.

You washed your hands and went to go change. You started to pack your clothes in a suitcases. You didn't have much clothes since ur parents only spend their money on drugs. You could fit your whole room into that suitcase, so you did. You looked at the piggy bank and put it in the suitcase too. You went through your parents and their stuff and found about 2k dollars. You were surprised about how many money you found.

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