Hetalia x Child!Reader x 2p(Intro)

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Reader's p.o.v.


  I'm a 10 year old orphan at (randomly named) orphanage. I was left here at the age of 2 on the doorstep with just a note. It said:


Please treat my daughter well. I can no longer take care of her- A heartbroken, desperate parent


It had been a bad mistake to leave me here. Now I've been here for 8 years I get picked on a lot because I'm the smallest and the shyest. Uh oh, here the head bully ,who our headmistress actually liked,comes. Keep my head down and hope she doesn't notice me.


"Hey nerd" (mean girl's name ) said, pushing me down again.


"Maybe you'll do us all a favor and get adopted" she says laughing. Causing the rest of the kids to laugh with her. I ran back to my bunk my sadly only safe haven and cried.


    I wake to the sound of Mrs. Trunchbull(if you guess where the names from I love you) yelling at me and shaking me awake.


"Get up you annoying little brat you're getting surprisingly adopted" she says. I rush out of bed to pack, then mean girl came.


" Your lucky freak you're leaving this place bye-bye freak" and walked off. I grabbed my stuff and head to the office after some punches and kicks from kids walking by. When I remembered I had left (stuffed animal name) back in my soon to-be old room. So I raced back to get it when I got in there it was scary, It was mean girl.

"So did they not want you after all" I did a smart thing I ignored her. But she shoved me against a wall first before I could get to the bed. I grabbed (stuffed animal name) from my bed and doubled checked to make sure I hadn't left anything this time. Then I head to the office when I got there and I opened the door I was greeted with....

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