01 ~ House Martyn

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Kapri walks with determination behind two gaurds through the tunnels of the dungeon. She doesn't respond to one gaurd asking her why she is in such a rush as she is too focused on seeing her mother. They finally make it to the end of the tunnel and the gaurd unlocks the door.

Emeline Martyn is seated on the window sill watching the snow fall. She turns when she hears the door open and jumps off the sill when she sees its her daughter and not her dreadful husband.

"Mother," Kapri yelled as she jumped into her mothers arms. Her eyes watered at the previous events of how her mother got locked in the dungeons. Her father committed her mother of treason for trying to kill him and take over Amtor herself. He said that she felt as if her husband's decisions weren't something she agreed with. Of course, this is all but the truth. It is no secret the Faramound disliked his wife. It wasn't always like that, they once loved each other. But of course, like most marriage's in Westeros they grew apart. So far apart it got to the point that they almost hated each other. 

Though, Emeline never thought it would go to as far as her husband executing her. She has unfaithful guards to thank for that, they had a plan to kill the Lord and when their plan got discovered they turned the blame on Emeline. It wasn't something that would've been so difficult to believe considering their marraige wasn't a happy one and she always disagreed with what he said.

"It is going to be okay my angel, it is going to be okay," Emeline reassured her daughter, though deep down they both knew it wasn't going to be okay. She was going to be executed for treason, or exiled, if they were feeling generous. And Kapri knew her father was all but generous.

"I want you to do something for me," Emeline pulled away from her daughter and grabbed her face gently so she'd look at her, "I want you to go into the tunnels. Your father has a box down there, though i doubt he remembers it, and i want you to open it. There is a horn in there, it should be blue with engravings on it of eagles. I want you to keep it. Your father would probably give it to Renfry if he ever remembers it, but i want you to have it. It is a very important tool and i don't want you to never blow it unless you are in an emergency, do you understand?" Kapri nodded and grabbed her mother's wrists, pulling her hands off her face. "When do you wish i get it?"

"As soon as possible, it is important that it does not get in the wrong hands. You never know what kinds of people go into those tunnels. Now it is proved that we cant trust everyone in Amtor. It's important that you have it my dear" Emeline stepped away from her daughter as a hint to tell her it is time for her to go. "Dont think too much about me, everything will happen the way it is supposed to."

Kapri attempted a smile at her mother and slowly walked out of the room, taking one last look at her mother as tears began to fill her eyes again, though she refused to cry. Especially in front of the guards.


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